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Nursing Chair with extra seat bit for toddler?????

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Hexy Mon 15-May-06 22:37:24

I saw a nursing chair somewhere that wasn't a rocker or glider, had a straight back & the seat had an extra bump on the side for toddler to sit on whilst you're feeding baby. Has anyone else seen it
& where can I find one? Does anyone have one & are they as good as they look?


LaylaandSethsmum Mon 15-May-06 22:51:40

haven't got one but is it \link{\this one?

LaylaandSethsmum Mon 15-May-06 22:53:08

Sorry try again hope this works!!

tassis Mon 15-May-06 22:54:12

mothercare do a new one that claims to have an extra bit at the side for a toddler, but didn't seem that spacious to me.

It was massively comfy though and has this pump up lumber bit for your back.

only available in lurid orange or beige though and pretty expensive, but seriously lovely...

tassis Mon 15-May-06 22:54:49

and there you have it in that link!

Hexy Tue 16-May-06 18:17:06

Thanks - that's the one, bit more expensive than I'd remembered but maybe I can sweet talk dh!!!?

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