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A really cool cool bag!

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busybusybee Fri 12-May-06 21:08:17

Has anyone ever seen a cool bag for family outings that has insulating properties as well as 'style'

I saw someone the other day with a bright and funky one strap rucksack cool bag thingy - I want one!!!!

busybusybee Fri 12-May-06 21:09:30

And noooooooooo I do not want one of those green/blue rucksacks with the cutlery and wineglasses

Something a bit more youthful please

accessorizequeen Sat 13-May-06 20:16:30

Lakeland ones not too fuddy duddy tho never seen a rucksack. bought one of their lunch ones and quite nice.

Skribble Sat 13-May-06 23:04:46

Matalan have a selection of baskets, boxes and bags.

Was it something like this?

I have one of those back packs with all the culery and plates, I use it loads as I can stop off at the supermarket and just get a block of cheese and rolls etc. as it has a sharp knife, a chopping board and plates etc. Great if you are not orgainised like me and ahve it all prepared in little tupperware tubs .

busybusybee Mon 15-May-06 20:29:37

Nope It was nothing like that Skribble - But I love the site - going to check out the sale items now!!!!!


lunavix Fri 19-May-06 19:57:06

Next have a decentish one, fits enough food in for 4 or 5 people, it's just a cool bag though no accessories, and it's about £6.

One's old lady beige and blue stripes, the other's funky multicoloured stripes, there's also a semi-matching check picnic mat for £9.99

cod Fri 19-May-06 19:59:31

Message withdrawn

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