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when internet shopping goes horribly wrong-- where to turn?

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bebejam Thu 11-May-06 21:43:24

Would really appreciate your ideas and advice on this one..

I purchased a christening dress from a company called The dress arrived late (not to mentioned it was snagged, even if it had arrived when promised). I wasn't too concerned as the website states a fairly good return policy.

Anyway, 2 months, several unanswered e-mails and phone calls...still no refund. Complete silence from the company, and I'm not sure what to do next. I shop the internet all the time and have always had suberb experiences and dealt with great customer service.

What do you do when you stumble onto a dud?

Rhubarb Thu 11-May-06 21:52:12

There is an internet company watchdog thing here that might help. Does the company have an address and telephone number?

bebejam Thu 11-May-06 22:04:50

rhubarb, thanks so much for the link.

yes, both a phone and address.

I call the phone number, and it I usually get an automated message that the answer service is "full"... or I do get through to leave a message- but never hear back.

The address is in Northampton, nowhere near me unfortunately.

There should be a "watchdog" thread on mumsnet, where members can name and shame who done them wrong so other mnetters can avoid the same sad story.

gigglinggoblin Thu 11-May-06 22:06:27

trading standards? even if they cant do anything themselves they would probably be able to give you advice

Jbck Thu 11-May-06 22:42:10

I presume this is their head office you could try getting a number & stuff for them. The contact address comes up as web designers rather than the company. There is an out of hours number here . Hope you get something from them.

Jbck Thu 11-May-06 22:47:13

Oh & here's an alternative email contact too . Director is a Greg Poulson of the registered office address. Tel per is the out of hours number.

bebejam Wed 17-May-06 14:07:12


thanks for taking the trouble to find that information (great sleuthing skills!) is just sooooo frusterating when a company does you wrong, and you feel so helpless to do anything about it.

thanks again!

bebejam Wed 17-May-06 14:09:38

... would also highly recommend that mumsnetters avoid similar aggrevation and not buy christening/baptism/special occasion wear from

just not worth the tremendous hassle if something doesn't arrive/ or arrives damaged!

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