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Any opinions on the kids kargo tandem buggy or the zooper with a toddler seat?

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pootlepod Thu 11-May-06 13:40:36

Been mooching at a few on ebay and can't decide whether or not to bid.

Anyone have any experience?

pootlepod Thu 11-May-06 19:26:55

bump- someone on MN must have bought one of these.

shazronnie Fri 12-May-06 08:07:13

I bought a pram/pushchair with detachable toddler seat on ebay, not a zooper though.

DS1 was 19mths when DS2 was born and I found the toddler seat brilliant. The pram was same size / length as a normal one so I could get round shops etc, and DS1 loved sitting up high. I also had a cheap umbrella fold side by side which was far heavier and awkward to push.

Disadvantage was that the toddler seat was not supportive enough to fall asleep in; also around 8/9 mths DS1 was frustrated that he could not see out very well, so I switched to the Litaf seat to go board.

Hope that helps a bit!

EmmaKB Sun 21-May-06 16:33:19

I've just bought a Kids kargo tandem new from ebay and find it easy to push on level ground but on slopes it can be a bit heavy to push as ds1 is a bit too big for it (nearly 3yrs old). I have only used it to go to school and back but not sure how I would manage if I had to push it for a couple of miles. If your toddler was 1-2yr old then it would push like a dream. I was very impressed by the overall look of the pushchair and the clever pockets on the back of the hood (not all models). I have even managed to use the back seat as a carrycot by removing the back pockets and adding the snug insert from my Graco Quattro deluxe. For the price I think it was a bargain.

pegasus Sun 21-May-06 17:15:51

My Kidz Kargo is for sale due to us moving to NY if you're interested? Pick up from St Albans (just North of London)

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