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Which book?

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mummysurfer Thu 22-Jan-04 10:05:19

Amazon & Kelloggs have a good offer on and I'm entitled to one of these free. Which one would you recommend?
Sorry link to follow!

mummysurfer Thu 22-Jan-04 10:07:01

the new conversation page didn't remind me how to do links so here it is

Thanks very much

ThomCat Thu 22-Jan-04 10:17:05

Well if his first 2 are anything to go by 'Morality for Beautiful Girls' should be great.

JanH Thu 22-Jan-04 10:36:31

Driving over Lemons - heard bits of it on the radio - lovely escapist stuff!

Sonnet Thu 22-Jan-04 10:50:03

I second "Driving over lemons"....
Fantastic escapist read especially when it si grey and raining outside....

Marina Thu 22-Jan-04 10:52:11

I'd go for Morality for Beautiful Girls - he's a lovely writer.

sis Thu 22-Jan-04 10:52:47

Yeah, I've read both, Morality for Beautiful girls and Driving over Lemons and would recommend them both for a lovely 'light' read. Although Morality for... is the 3rd or 4th in the No1 ladies detective agency series, it is not part of a series that *has* to be read in order.

littlerach Thu 22-Jan-04 10:59:03

Driving over lemons is great. And the other one that he wrote is good, too.

suedonim Thu 22-Jan-04 11:22:27

A Parrot in the Pepper Tree, LR? I loved both of those books. And I've a Kellogs voucher to spend as well, yippee!

sis Thu 22-Jan-04 11:27:46

Oh, I found the parrot in a pepper tree was a really disappointing follow up - too much padding to just fill up the pages.

mummysurfer Thu 22-Jan-04 11:36:47

Thanks for all your ideas.
if you've a Kelloggs voucher to spend you can add other items to your list and then you don't have to pay extra P&P

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