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Microsoft Office 2010

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waitingtopop Fri 08-Mar-13 15:14:21

Hey ladies,
I don't suppose anyone has a spare product key for Microsoft 2010? Trying to type up my birth plan but I don't have word !! The product key works on 3 computers so if anyone has a spare I'd be very grateful!!! grin X

Snorbs Fri 08-Mar-13 15:24:05

The Microsoft Office 2010 product key is only licensed to be installed on up to three computers (for Home and Student Edition) if you own all the computers. You cannot just give out the license key to others.

You can download OpenOffice or LibreOffice for free. More than good enough to type up a birth-plan. Or, if you're using Windows, WordPad is already installed and is fine for simple documents. Or you can create nice documents in Google Drive online - again, for free.

waitingtopop Fri 08-Mar-13 17:02:30

Ah ok thanks smile

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