Car seat: Concord Ultimax Racer - Bon Bon - DOES IT NOT BL**DY WELL RECLINE???

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morningpaper Thu 04-May-06 16:30:00

It's taken me WEEKS to decide on a blody car seat and this one doesn't seem to recline!!! WTF? It is permanently tilted back - it doesn't seem to go upright at all.


AND the baby's been sick on it already. I might need to clean it up to return it...

LIZS Thu 04-May-06 16:34:19

Is that the one which has an optional wedge to recline it ?

LIZS Thu 04-May-06 16:39:43

It implies here that there are 3 positions.

morningpaper Thu 04-May-06 17:06:40

Ha yes I have found a secret handle that the manual didn't mention

But the "upright" position is still very reclined


hub2dee Wed 14-Jun-06 22:27:00

Just out of interest mp, have you and your car seat now made friends ? (I need to buy a seat for dd in the next few days...).

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