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E3 buggy owners - update please

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Gem13 Tue 20-Jan-04 20:13:45

Due to a change in circumstances (moved to the country, need to drive everywhere then walk, DS has decided walking is more fun, looming c-section, etc.) I am very tempted to change my double buggy plans from a double Mountain Buggy to an E3.

So, I'm interested to learn how all those new E3 owners are getting on with their E3s now that several months have passed since the original debate and siblings have arrived.

Any niggles? Any must-have extras? All information gratefully received.

Gem13 Tue 20-Jan-04 22:04:54

Anyone, now that 'Child of our Time' has finished?

DH is swaying... so I need all the positive examples I can get!

fairydust Tue 20-Jan-04 22:23:37

sorry to sound thick but what's an E3 do u have a link?

mumbojumbo Tue 20-Jan-04 22:37:01

Hi Gem13

I have an e3 for my 2 year old son and his 10 week old brother. Love it! ds2 is now too big for the "carry cot" underneath, so goes in with just a blanket, but its soooooo manoverable (sp?) and easy to use. The number of comments regarding ds2 being tucked away has been amazing. All feedback I've had from others when they've seen it is what a good innovative design. Even dp enjoys pushing the buggy (can't be bad )

I've got the double storm cover which is a must have (although can be a bit bulky when not in use). Back pack is also good, and you can attach to buggy if you don't wish to carry it.

Only very minor gripe is the net underneath for carrying stuff is non-existant with two kids loaded!

Gem13 Wed 21-Jan-04 09:15:12

Sorry fairydust. It's a three wheeler buggy made in New Zealand that can convert to a double buggy by adding a second seat.

There was a long thread about them towards the end of last year. They're expensive and although a few retailers sell them now in the UK most mumsnetters got theirs from down under or the US so there were lots of messages while people anxiously awaited the arrival of their buggy.

Everyone seemed pleased with them initially and I was wondering how they have survived day to day use.

mumbojumbo - Having seen the padded crotch strap, how do you use a fleece? I know the buggy's sleeping bags were mega thick but I can't see a regular cositoes for sale by the various retailers. Can I ask too why you went for the backpack instead of the panniers?

Also... isn't the main front seat (the one that unzips) a bit narrow or does that not matter as the toddler goes in the extra seat on the front as that is wider?

BearintheBigBlueHous Wed 21-Jan-04 11:42:56

Excellent - echo Mumbo Jumbo's comments. We're still in cocoon mode for ds (not old enough for 2nd seat, but not far off). Re lack of space, we got panniers which help, and as the buggy is narrow to begin with, don't make it overly wide when fitted. We've ordered a buggybag (cosytoes) from Kiwidad in the States and he's asked Phil and Teds to make one specially as they've stopped doing them for the E3. It's not arrived yet though. The sleeping bag was too warm and not long enough for dd.

Great buggy - glad we imported it.

One last thing - if you're off-roading you need to note that the E3, while having great pneumatic tyres, doesn't have any extra suspension - don't know if the MB has.....

Gem13 Wed 21-Jan-04 14:49:28

Thanks Bear... I like the sound of the panniers especially with 2 in nappies.

Interesting about the cositoes - does that mean you couldn't find a suitable one here? I was thinking I might have to learn some needlework skills and adapt my existing one.

Did you go for the buggy bunny or the lambswool liner? Both sound good but extra money...

Also, any news on the narrow seat?

mumbojumbo Wed 21-Jan-04 16:19:35

Hi Gem13

Not sure what you mean - "having seen the padded crotch strap, how do you use a fleece?" I've not got a cosytoes for either of mine, they go in the buggy in their outdoor gear. DS2 (10 weeks) lies flat under the zip in seat for DS1.

I went for the backpack as I like the option of being able to take the changing bag with me and not have to keep it on the buggy. Oh, and the panniers weren't available in my colour at the time of ordering! The backpack is well made and big enough for the essential nappies plus change of clothing.

The main seat (in single mode) is snug but not too small. The seat in zipped in mode does seem slightly more spacious.

I've seen a couple of places in the UK on the internet that now supply the e3. Wish that had been the case when I ordered mine as shipping added a sizeable chunk to the overall cost. Having said that, it took longer for Parcelfarce to deliver it 8 miles from Reading than it took to ship from NZ to the UK

If you are anywhere near Berkshire, and want to see an e3 in use, let me know!

mumbojumbo Wed 21-Jan-04 16:22:03


Forgot to add, my shopping list for the e3 (having deliberated for ages) was as follows:

e3 Cocoon (Charcoal/Black)
e3 Double Storm Cover
e3 Double UV/Sun Cover
e3 BacPac X (Charcoal/Black)
e3 Travel bag

So far used everything apart from the Sun cover!!

Gem13 Wed 21-Jan-04 16:41:56

Thanks for replying and for the offer of seeing one in the flesh. I have actually seen one now in a local store and had a play with it and that is why I am so tempted.

It looks like DH might have to go to the US for work in a couple of weeks. The dollar rate is so great at the moment it would be silly not to take advantage of it! I plan to see if kiwi dad could ship it to DH's hotel (he does free shipping in the US).

Hadn't thought about the panniers versus the backpack in terms of taking it off and carrying it around. My current buggy looks like we are off on holiday instead of off to the shops.

I think it's a must have. Will work out my shopping list tonight.

Millie1 Wed 21-Jan-04 20:34:30

Hi Gem13 ... after months of procrastinating and trying to justify the expense, I finally got mine last week for my 27 month old and 6 week old. Due to days of torrential rain I've only been out with it a few times but it's brilliant. My 27 mth old sits quite happily in-front ... he's a big boy, broad and tall and has plenty of room. Height-wise, in the toddler and newborn mode, his head touches the hood when it's folded but once we move to toddler/toddler he'll drop down a few inches and this won't be a problem.

DS2 is so snug and comfy in his cocoon in the newborn section - sleeps all the time. My only gripe with it is that he's not going to fit in the cocoon it for much longer although I imagine that if he didn't have a snowsuit on he'd have a few more inches.

Negatives from my point of view are that the double raincover is v. bulky and it's a pity it doesn't fold onto the hood, the parcel tray is tiny and impossible to access when in toddler/newborn mode and no way would it hold 7lb worth of stuff cos it was hitting the ground yesterday when I had a tiny backpack (child's) in along with the raincover.

I bought the buggy, doubles kit, cocoon and double raincover from Practical Pushchairs ( ... the service was excellent and delivery as quickly as promised ... buggys themselves reduced to #279 for January too - everything else extra.

Can I ask a question of all double raincover users ... where do the elastic loops at the bottom of the raincover, towards the centre/back fasten to?

Millie1 Wed 21-Jan-04 20:36:44

ps ... I loooove seeing peoples reactions when they see DS2 tucked in behind .. they have absolutely no idea that he's there.

elliott Wed 21-Jan-04 21:06:08

Another satisfied user here - ds2 is now 7 weeks so we have only used it in cocoon mode. The massive advantage it has over any of the other options is its compact size - we wouldn't get a conventional side-by-side up our steps into the house. And we've just come back from a day trip on the train - doubt you'd get the Mountain Buggy double ON a train, let alone packed into the luggage area! The cocoon has been in constant use as a daytime sleeping area for ds2. The front seat is fine for ds1 but he is small for his age.
We had a fairly 'bargain basement' package with just the raincover and cocoon as extras - I must admit I ditched any form of cosytoes as soon as ds1 was walking - don't they get rather mucky going on over shoes?? And I've never actually used the raincover - tend to chicken out and use the car if its really wet.
My only worry was ds2 growing out of the cocoon way before he was ready for the second seat - it is already quite a snug fit - but now that the obvious solution has been pointed out (put him in without the cocoon!) that problem has been solved...
Please don't tell me how much I might have saved buying it in the UK
btw, dh thinks its the best thing since sliced bread. I think its quite good too, but hey, its only a buggy.....

Gem13 Wed 21-Jan-04 22:18:44

Millie1 and Elliott thanks for getting back to me.

Interesting about the raincover but there's no avoiding it really I guess. It would be too mean to go for single raincover for both of the children!

Ellaroo Thu 22-Jan-04 19:24:13

Has anyone had any problems with the E3 tipping over backwards when the older child gets out and the newborn is left in? If this happens does the newborn get squashed? Anyone found a way around it?


Gem13 Fri 23-Jan-04 23:55:01

Someone previously carried a brick (!) with them to stop this from happening. I'm hoping the panniers will do the trick or I presume a changing bag/ shopping would have the same effect.

kiwisbird Sat 24-Jan-04 19:57:28

Gorgeous buggy and we use a normal super weight cosy toes, the padded crotch strap is detachable, so you put it back one after putting the liner or cosytoes on.
Kiwi dad recommend with current prices, or P+T direct if not in Uk, have had all 3 models of their prams, the 1st one I gave to sis i law and she is pushing baby no 4 in it, sold model 2 to buy E3, got same price on Ebay for model 2 as it cost to ship E3 from USA...
Way cool... wish that I had got red one though!!

Gem13 Mon 26-Jan-04 19:12:28

Why, what colour is yours? Do you want to sell it on to fund the red one?!

elliott Mon 26-Jan-04 19:42:52

Re tipping over - when we've had just the newborn in it, it does feel quite finely balanced but is fine as long as you are aware of it - it should be ok anyway because it is designed to be used as a single with just the newborn in it. Might be a bit more of an issue when set up with the second seat.

kiwisbird Mon 26-Jan-04 21:58:49

Nah can't get rid of it, it only just arrived ANd as DH soberly pointed out, red would calsh with everything in DD's wardrobe!
xx J

clarence Fri 30-Jan-04 09:37:37

I have just ordered the E3 via my brother-in-law in New Zealand so I haven't seen the full kit. My second baby is due at the end of May and my question is - should I bother with the cocoon? I have noticed people saying the baby grows out of them after about 10 weeks - and my last baby was 9lbs 10 at birth so this next one will probably be big too.

At what weight do they grow out of the cocoon? and as it is a summer baby, will the cocoon be a bit hot - would I be better to just stick with an extra little mattress and some blankets?

The other thing is - do only their cosytoes things fit these buggies - or could you get buy with a cheaper one from elsewhere?

I was thinking of getting the panniers - can you fold the buggy with them on?

Thanks a lot

BearintheBigBlueHous Fri 30-Jan-04 16:09:29

DS (15 wks) has just outgrown the cocoon, down to him being a tall (long) boy rather than it being related to weight. Also in May it will probably be too hot to use one. That said, it has been ideal for ferrying him out of the buggy without disturbing him too much - we've even taken it out with us when not using the buggy, surprising people with out baby-filled holdall!

Apparently Phil & Teds don't do the buggy bag (cotton cosytoes) for the E3, just the sleeping bag, which we found too hot and too short. Kiwidad in the States said he could get them to make us one that would fit the E3 and it arrived this week - it is long enough and warm enough but not too hot - dd was very happy in it as we battled throught the ice and snow over the past couple of days. We had looked at generic cosytoes, but they too were too short.

Never tried to fold it with the panniers on, but they're a cinch to take on and off anyway.

We're about to move onto the doubles seat for ds - the instructions say not to do so until 6 months - did anyone stick to this or can a long 4 monther go in?

mumbojumbo Fri 30-Jan-04 16:47:34

Hi Bearinthebigbluehouse

DS2 is just coming up to 12 weeks and has also outgrown the cocoon when its installed in the buggy. (Just about fits him as a carrycot type). I've also been debating about using the second seat before 6 months but I think I'll try and hold on as long as possible. In the end tho' its more a case of whether he will fit underneath which will determine when to move to the different seat. I did wonder about getting a headhugger from mothercare and using that with the second seat if necessary. I don't see too much of a problem using the seat prior to six months if baby fits.

Still love the e3! Keep getting loads of comments when people realise that there is a baby tucked away and I think its sooooo much better than a double side-by-side buggy....


Gem13 Fri 30-Jan-04 17:34:11

Mine is on it's way from KiwiDad! Should be here next week. Already stressing about being in for the TNT man. Fantastic cutomer service from Rodney - poor man must have had so many questions from mumsnetters now and his emails have been so calm.

So, Bear... can I ask how much the cositoes was and is there any chance of a picture on your e3 photo gallery? D? (due on 13/2) should be small enough to stay in the cocoon for the rest of winter/spring but DS might be a bit cold up top.

In the meantime I'm covering my ears about the outgrowing of the cocoon... Keen to hear if you can go into the second seat soon. Where else are you going to put DS?

kiwisbird Fri 30-Jan-04 19:38:18

When I spoke to him last week, he said the onslaught frum Surrey and Hampshire was amazing, that was my big gob, was out shopping in Basingstoke and had tens of folks asking about it, even someone in Mamas and Papas about to buy a 3 series there, changed their mind and took Rodneys email addy...
And as for cosytoes I use fab one from grobag site, bump to three I think it is now, its superb, multi combizip thing... Works well in E3 (and every other pram I've had it in)

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