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triple buggy wanted

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alibubbles Tue 20-Jan-04 14:24:10

I know there are a couple of mums of triplets on here, has anyone got a triple buggy to sell, or know of someone who has? A childminder friend desperately needs one as she has three under 5, a 11month old and 2 very late walkers of 20 months!

Thanks in anticipation of your help

Gem13 Tue 20-Jan-04 14:29:57

No triplets here but there's one buggy on eBay - they're pricey things!

Browbeaten Tue 20-Jan-04 14:36:57

Hiya, not got a triple but just seen in the JMB brochure today a gadget to fit identical buggies together to form a double and presumably a triple.
Would that be an option i.e a double buggy plus a single that could be clipped together when needed? JMB have a website, I think.

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