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second hand nursery shops in swansea area?

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happy1 Tue 20-Jan-04 12:10:16

Does anyone know of a nursery shop around Swansea that will buy equipment off you, such as travel system, travel cot etc? I haven't lived here long and haven't come across any, but there must be one surely? thanks

SecondhandRose Tue 20-Jan-04 18:40:28

How about your local NCT do they have a nearly new sale? They are usually held every six months and there should be one coming up in the next couple of months.

I have checked the NCT website but can't see a listing for a forthcoming sale but that doesn't mean there isn't one. Try and click on News. You could try ringing 0870 444 8707 for you local NCT contact.

Or why not try the local paper?

HiddenSpirit Tue 20-Jan-04 18:57:38

Or failing that, there is always ebay (not that I'm a big user of ebay or anything ) You can even say "buyer must collect" for things that are too big to post, like the travel system.

cerys Wed 21-Jan-04 15:30:02

hello happy1, I'm from Swansea and I can't think of anywhere offhand.

BTW, hope you are settling in here OK. It's even nicer in the summer! Might not be online for a few days, but will look out for your posts.

jodee Wed 21-Jan-04 15:59:45

If you are into selling at boot sales, there's one held every Sunday (so I'm told by MIL) opposite Singleton Hospital.

happy1 Fri 23-Jan-04 18:47:50

Thanks guys, I might try a carboot sale, got quite a bit of unwanted stuff! I tried ebay before for something else and got really confused!! I'm sure I'll get rid of my stuff somehow

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