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New idea /invention for baby feeding products.

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melsy Sun 18-Jan-04 09:27:26

I am not sure what the next step is , as I only have a rough sketch and ideas on materials,colours etc. I cannot divulge the idea on here , as I have been advised not to. Does anyone know what I can do next, as I would like to get a prototype made.

Its for something that has been bugging my Dh and I for the last few months regarding feeding and I cant say more than that.

SoupDragon Sun 18-Jan-04 09:35:11

I've no idea but I'd be interested in the answer. I have some of my own bright ideas which solve things that bug me!

melsy Sun 18-Jan-04 09:41:28

There was a mum on "This morning" show a few weeks ago with some FAB inventions,& she had made the prototypes herself and brought them onto the show. They were a portable bottle warmer (battery operated) & some weaning & drinking items that had magnets in them. Brilliant, did anyone see it. They are going into production this year. May be I should try and get her details from the show as to how she did it.OOh why didnt I think of that sooner!!!

Beccarollover Sun 18-Jan-04 09:48:14

its not a measurer for formula is it melsy

melsy Sun 18-Jan-04 09:57:21

NO - no more clues at this stage!!!!!Although that would be a good idea rather than scooping and scooping and scooping!!! Why dont you develop it Becca????

melsy Sun 18-Jan-04 09:59:56

Soup dragon we can find out together I will post if I get any more info. Anything that can benefit and make things easier should be developed for our sanity as mums, so go for it Soupy!!!Not everything designed is right as it is.

But please girls out there, give us hints & tips.

Beccarollover Sun 18-Jan-04 10:10:36

the reason i asked is because i bought one and it turned out to be quite dangerous and inaccurate in measuring formula

SoupDragon Sun 18-Jan-04 10:17:44

Apparently you should get a design registration application and a patent application filed before you approach any other parties and ensure you only disclose things confidentially. I'm going to try to fing the patent office website...

SoupDragon Sun 18-Jan-04 10:29:50

Have a look Here I've not had chance to look through it properly but the headings look appropriate

SoupDragon Sun 18-Jan-04 10:42:11

Actually, start from the \link page{}. It certainly looks informative. The only problem is that I *think* my current favourite idea is an adaptation of something that already exists so I don't know if it is eligible.

melsy Sun 18-Jan-04 10:42:29

great Soupy, let me know more when u have called.

melsy Sun 18-Jan-04 10:44:00

The last link didnt work Soupy. Thank you for looking into it further. Your coming up trumps now!!

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