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Handheld sewing machine.

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fairydust Sat 17-Jan-04 15:44:06

Just lately i've had to sew numerous items and a handheld machine would be perfect.

Anyone know were i can get one from??

JanHR Sat 17-Jan-04 15:46:05

JML Handy stitch is a nice one. £19.99 from wilko, woolworths and similar outlets

fairydust Sat 17-Jan-04 15:47:49

thanks jan - sounds perfect

sis Sat 17-Jan-04 20:13:44

Oh, do these work then JanHR? - I had always assumed that they wouldn't work but if it has been tried and tested by a Mumsnetter - then it is a reliable review in my book. BTW, not that I do any proper sewing but it would be handy for hems ans straight(ish) line sewing.

JanHR Sat 17-Jan-04 20:15:38

i have bought one, but not yet used it. I have heard good review about it though.

fairydust Sat 17-Jan-04 22:36:51

i want for hems etc so this should be brill

butterflymum Sat 17-Jan-04 22:42:03

If it is for basic, small jobs, this one is OK


and can be used with an adapter instead of batteries.



JanHR Sat 17-Jan-04 22:46:48

I have found JML site uit is here

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