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Cleaning an aniline leather sofa

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Supermim Sat 09-Feb-13 21:58:11

We have a an aniline leather sofa - big mistake. It looked lovely when we first bought it but were not aware of the problems we would have keeping it clean. Over time it has become very
dirty,, particularly where people rest their heads on it, and were were told never to use wet products on it. The cleaning wipes DFS gave us took the colour off (!) so they were a no-go. I have now become so fed up with it I am using fairy liquid in water but it is impossible to clean it properly and get rid of the darker areas that have appeared. Any ideas?

zumo Sun 10-Feb-13 19:50:37

WE have a normal leatehr suite, its cream but two kids and two dogs it looked grotty
I use an Auto smart hard surface cleaner called G101, I know its not for leatehr or fabric but a local car valeter told me about it, I use it with a nail brush and its very good, I then use Auto smart leatehr food, costa about £20 for both products, but best to try a small area on yours, I suspect the olis from peoples skin is marking it.
The problems we found with many High Street products was they are very expensive and not very good.
I would talk to Auto smart and see if they can help

Supermim Mon 11-Feb-13 18:07:04

Thanks,will look into it

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