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Anyone had a Square Peg kitchen installed?

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CountessDracula Fri 16-Jan-04 15:29:06

Am thinking of them or Harvey Jones.

Any recommendations welcome

willow2 Sun 18-Jan-04 16:49:18

Get you and your posh ways.

CountessDracula Sun 18-Jan-04 19:08:13

Square Peg quite cheap actually

Willow2 please suggest nice kitchens at a fraction of the price!

codswallop Sun 18-Jan-04 19:11:04

LOl willow - Ihtought the same too!

CountessDracula Sun 18-Jan-04 19:53:33

Scuse me Coddy and Willow, why is that posh? It's just the kitchen shop at the top of my road so I walk past it every day (HJ that is) Square Peg seem to be cheaper by a fair way.

I did say Harvey JONES not NICHOLS FFS

bettys Mon 19-Jan-04 10:36:19

I have a Harvey Jones kitchen, does that make me posh?

CountessDracula Mon 19-Jan-04 10:54:31

Apparantly it does!

And very beautiful it is too - one of the reasons why I liked them was how nice yours looks.

Obv willow and coddy have kitchens made from cardboard boxes or something

bossykate Mon 19-Jan-04 11:00:24

don't be embarrassed, cd, say it out loud, i'm posh and i'm proud

CountessDracula Mon 19-Jan-04 11:01:49

Ah but my argument is that it isn't posh. If I were having say a Smallbone kitchen THAT may be posh (or may just be a bit footballers wives? Dunno) But these are not REALLY posh kitchens, are they Bettys?

bettys Mon 19-Jan-04 11:05:20

I would say they spoke quietly of quality (!)

bossykate Mon 19-Jan-04 11:07:39

well the sky's the limit when it comes to kitchens...

CountessDracula Mon 19-Jan-04 11:12:35

I agree Bettys, definitely.

So just discerning, not posh?

CountessDracula Mon 19-Jan-04 11:20:22

So, back to my original question, I guess none of you have a Square Peg kitchen?

WSM Mon 19-Jan-04 11:23:06

Nope, ours was put in by the developer.

aloha Mon 19-Jan-04 11:58:35

I believe that kitchens made of cardboard boxes are the very latest thing in Hoxton.

CountessDracula Mon 19-Jan-04 11:59:25

Hoxton schmoxton

princesspeahead Mon 19-Jan-04 13:02:32

how about underlit glass worktops on a varnished marine ply base? or you could go for a brutalised unfinished cast concrete look...

heehee. sorry. square peg is a silly name though, I'd go for the harvey nichols one.

hoxtonchick Mon 19-Jan-04 13:13:18

hoxton, who said hoxton?? (our kitchen's from ikea so definitely not posh enough for this thread )

Joso Mon 19-Jan-04 13:32:56

currently having a b&q kitchen fitted so i must be the unposhest person on planet posh.

CountessDracula Mon 19-Jan-04 21:35:59

Oi princess dimbo it's JONES!

Well the square peg ones look nice, we are thinking of something like this style as is uncontroversial so won't adversly affect resale of house.

The HJ version is more spenny but looks similar

fairydust Mon 19-Jan-04 21:37:31

i do like that..........

CountessDracula Mon 19-Jan-04 21:42:28

And the whole thing in the picture only costs 8k which is pretty reasonable IMHO

CountessDracula Mon 19-Jan-04 21:42:44

Including fitting may I add

WSM Mon 19-Jan-04 21:47:01

Nice, my Mum has set aside £30k for her new one... Daft amount to spend on a bloody kitchen if you ask me.

CountessDracula Mon 19-Jan-04 21:48:01

PPH you may laugh at these avant garde kitchens but one of dd's godmother's dh designed this one and we are hoping he's not going to intervene in ours! Not that I don't like it, just not for me!!

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