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Anyone got the Quicksmart Backpack Buggy?

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ChristianGreyIsAJackass Tue 29-Jan-13 14:32:37

Thanks in advance smile

ChristianGreyIsAJackass Tue 29-Jan-13 14:32:25

I have just received mine from Zulily, it folds up very small and neat but the unfold mechanism is so bloody hard work, could you just confirm im doing it right please?!

You unfold the wheels then turn over, to raise the backrest there are two large round buttons which you push and they click in... But when i then try to lift the back, they pop out before ive lifted it, locking it back in place. Meaning i eather need three hands (two to push and hold the round buttons in and one to lift the back) or I have to do a side at a time effectively twisting the frame slightly.

I had a look on youtube at the official video and the bendy lady just casually lifts it up without even pressing those buttons (this doesnt work, ive tried!) if this is how awkward it is I'm sending it back I think.

Second question, how are zulily for returns? Will I have to pay return postage?

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