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Baby clothes at a nearly new sale

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Woofsaidtheladybird Sat 26-Jan-13 20:25:56

Heelp! I'm selling a lot of baby clothes (and mat clothes, toys etc) at a nearly new sale next week - I obviously do not expect to get a fortune for it all, but I don't know where to start re pricing things. What do you think - say...
A bundle of 5 vests for 50p
Babygros 20p each (or say a 3 pack for 50p)
Outfits (say a dungarees and top) 50p
Coat £1?
T-shirts 10p
Trousers 20p

Am I aiming too high or too low? Any clues?

DrMcDreamysWife Sat 26-Jan-13 20:33:13

Vests and babygros sound right

But outfits, dungarees I would go higher. I bought some second hand jean dungarees 3-6 mo for five pounds the other day. In very good condition.

sleeplessinderbyshire Sat 26-Jan-13 20:51:24

sounds all a bit cheap to me. Our NCT Nearly New sale insists minimum price is £1 an item. I'd price most things between £1-2 with coats up to £5 if in VGC and bundle vests 3 for £1 and babygros 2 for £1. depends on brands though - if all primark/tesco maybe your prices look OK, if all Next, Baby Gap, Boden then I'd charge more

BoringSchoolChoiceNickname Sat 26-Jan-13 20:55:04

I think those prices look low, but depends on brands and area.

Woofsaidtheladybird Sat 26-Jan-13 21:59:42

See, good job I checked! This was my DH's reckoning. Clothes are a mixture of sainsburys, tescos, m&s, Mothercare, Boots, pumpkin patch, Gap, few Boden bits, etc. Nothing overly swanky. It's a fairly affluent-ish village - but some normal patches too.

All vgc, and from a smoke free, pet free home. Some hardly worn.

I'll aim a bit higher. Thanks ladies smile

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