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candy fridge freezer

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fairydust Wed 14-Jan-04 21:43:47

When we move the piece that covers the screws on the top of the fridge freezer got chipped -

anyone know were i can get a replacement?

popsycal Wed 14-Jan-04 21:45:40

i want replacement shelves but havent got round to getting them yet!
currys or dixons or comet have a partmaster thingy,,,hold on

popsycal Wed 14-Jan-04 21:48:01

they are here
order me afew shelves whilst you are there!
partmaster direct

fairydust Wed 14-Jan-04 21:50:34

thanks pops- but they don't do CANDY

popsycal Wed 14-Jan-04 21:54:35

i thoght i had serached n it befreo
hold on

popsycal Wed 14-Jan-04 21:57:31

try here

popsycal Wed 14-Jan-04 21:58:25

ignore that too
no parts listed

popsycal Wed 14-Jan-04 22:01:37

try some of these links

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