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Nice kids bed sets and bedquilt throw thingys

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fio2 Tue 13-Jan-04 14:55:16


I am going shopping tommorrow and want to buy my dd (4) and ds (2) a nice duvet set with matching bed throw quilt wotsits, y'know the snuggly warm ones, for there new bedrooms. I would like something without bob the builder on or Barbie. Maybe something with embroidery/applique on. Hopefully in the sale because I love a bargain. Dont mind mail ordering if there is none in the shops. Anyone seen anything anywhere?

Thank you

Marina Tue 13-Jan-04 15:00:09

Fio2, there are some nice colourful ones available from La Redoute and Vertbaudet if you don't mind mail order. The quilted throws are really pretty.
Happy shopping anyway...

Twinkie Tue 13-Jan-04 15:27:06

Laura Ashley
Next (although getting a bit tired now!!)
The White Company
Bebe Maman Jojo Home

bundle Tue 13-Jan-04 15:28:57

i got a lovely quilted throw thingy from ikea - a cath kidston cheapo!

Angeliz Tue 13-Jan-04 15:34:42

do you have a Dunelm near you? They do some lovely sets!

Jaybee Tue 13-Jan-04 15:42:31

Rosebys sometimes have some nice ones - they do have some character ones but I saw a lovely lilac one with butterflies on it in there the other day - I was looking for dd so I didn't take any notice of the boys ones - sorry.

fio2 Tue 13-Jan-04 16:09:22

thank you everyone yes I looked in Dunelm on sunday and they had some nice ones. I wanted to have a good mooch though first before I bought the first ones I had seen. The vertbaudet ones are lovely but quite expensive, so I will go happy shopping tommorrow and see what I find

fio2 Tue 20-Jan-04 10:08:07

I got them from Dunelm in the end Angeliz and they are lovely for the money

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