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Recommendations: painting/colouring software/games for four year olds?

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Enid Tue 13-Jan-04 11:10:10

Dd1 (4) used to love the drawing and colouring package on her Jump Ahead Toddlers CD - unfortunately dd2 (1) didn't have the same high standards and decided it would make a good is now damaged irreparably and I would like to get dd1 a new one.

Can anyone recommend a good one? Don't want to spend £20 on a dud.


JJ Tue 13-Jan-04 11:11:40

Enid, have you seen Boowa and Kwala ? Not exactly what you asked about, but my sons love it.

Enid Tue 13-Jan-04 11:14:04

That looks great jj, unfortunately our internet connection isn't great...but I will show dd2 when she gets back from nursery.

charliecat Tue 13-Jan-04 11:40:50

The cbeebies website has somegreat stuff for toddler. Also, bobinogs on the wales bit of the bbcs education site keeps my dd (just turned 3) amused for ages. We have brought loads of software but always end up back at cbeebies!
Oh and im sure there is another thread about this somewhere.

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