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Does anyone know a store where I can look at a Nomad Travel Tent

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JoanneGriffiths Sun 16-Apr-06 15:48:15

I have been able to find the Nomad Travel Tent on lin no problems. But I can not find an actual shop where I can try one out. I have seen the LittleLife travel tent in a couple of shops, but no one seems to know where the Nomad is .

We are going abroad in a few weeks and need to decide between the two. If anyone has tried both please let me know.


Donk Sun 16-Apr-06 16:10:50

Where are you?
There is a shop near Wakefield that stocked it 3 years ago when we got ours (Assuming you mean the Nomad travel bed)
Ours is great, we got it because we have a small car and there was not enough room for a normal travel cot - DS has always loved it, and unlike a travel cot, he can still use use it (now age 3.4)
We did set it up in his bedroom when we first got it so that he could get used to it...... and getting him into it took a bit of getting used to.

Donk Mon 17-Apr-06 16:37:43

If you are near Leeds, maybe you could try ours?

JoanneGriffiths Tue 18-Apr-06 10:43:04

We are in West London. thanks for replying. If you know the name of the shop I will look to see if they have a branch near us.

Donk Wed 19-Apr-06 23:03:07

I will try to find the shop! But I don't think it was part of a chain IIRC

gs Tue 30-May-06 01:36:29

yes me too am desperate to see the nomad in a store and am in the south east ... anyone know where is sold? also wld love to hear from any one who has tried both

gs Thu 01-Jun-06 11:15:54

hi there have found somewhere in herts that stocks nomad travel bed so if anyone would like to know get in touch regards,

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