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Please help: what car seats should I buy for my girls?

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MolotovCocktail Mon 24-Dec-12 17:16:48


MolotovCocktail Sun 23-Dec-12 18:42:10

Hello smile

I have 2 DDs: eldest is 3.10yo and youngest is 8mo. DD1 is long and skinny (weighs 2st 8lbs) and DD2 is 19lbs.

We used to have a Bitax Group 1 (I think) reclining car seat for DD1 - which I loved - but she outgrew it. My DM bought her a new one; some Chicco Group 1-4 thingy, that I've never liked. It's bolt upright; the straps are fiddly and I'm now having to take her coat off to strap her in, as the harness won't pull out any farther.

DD2 is in a Silver Cross Group 0 Ventura. It's great, but she'll out-grow it before long.

As I'm thinking of changing DD2 when she grows, what car-seat should I go for? I may change DD1s seat whilst I'm at it, so what would you recommend? Space isn't an issue as we have a Citroen C4 Picasso, so it's roomy.


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