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Mis sold dishwasher?

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whatsleep Sun 23-Dec-12 09:38:26

I'm posting for a friend as she is pulling her hair out right now. Her dishwasher stopped working, repair man from local electrical company said dishwasher broken and sold her a new one, she brought through them as they were able to fit it the next day, the new one is having exactly te same problem so she is thinking it must be to do with the pipes etc rather than the appliance. The old appliance was taken away by the fitter. So what can she do? She has now spent £400 on a new machine when the old one was probably fine...

sooperdooper Sun 23-Dec-12 09:44:22

I would get a reliable plumber round to check if there is something wrong with the pipes first, if there is she can go back to the shop about it

WeAreEternal Sun 23-Dec-12 10:06:59

I wound get another plumber round just to look at it, and ask for a diagnosis of the problem in writing, then I would call the plumber/company that took the old old machine and sold/fitted the new one and demand return of my old machine and them refunding and removing the new one (if there is something that isn't a machine related issue).

Has she called them and told them that it still isn't working?
I would do that first thing tomorrow.

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