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Cool Changing Bag

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Beccarollover Thu 08-Jan-04 22:45:50

I want a new chaning bag - any recommendations for lovely ones?

Davros Thu 08-Jan-04 23:01:06

YES! I got a lovely Kipling one by Googling on the internet, not cheap though about £60! It was recommended by another MNer. It makes me feel good and it is very practical and smart.

fairydust Thu 08-Jan-04 23:27:43

i'm got a mamas and papas ruck sac which i rather like

Davros Thu 08-Jan-04 23:29:11

I didn't like rucksack as I wanted one to go over the pram handle...

aloha Thu 08-Jan-04 23:32:21

I have three (at least) changing bags and never used them. Just used a normal handbag. They were a total waste of money for me.

Tissy Fri 09-Jan-04 10:10:55

have a look at these!

Hulababy Fri 09-Jan-04 10:18:26

I have the kipling pram/changing bag one too and love it. Very practical and looks good too. Even DH doesn't mond carrying it around which has to eb a bonus

Hulababy Fri 09-Jan-04 10:19:42

This is the Kipling one; called "Super Nanny".

Bron Fri 09-Jan-04 10:27:03

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

champs Fri 09-Jan-04 20:46:27

i hav two oioi bags!! one rucksack and one mini tote bag, I also hav a huggies baby bag which comes free. I hav not used the huggies one yet tho. I hav the most uncontrollable love of bags, I buy them all the time. I love them!!! the oioi bags are lovely, the mini tote looks like a *normal* bag on the outside, but inside it has pockets and a changing mat.
The rucsack is bigger and has a wet/mess bag and changing mat inside.

I went to the sales the other day and just bunged baby nappy stuff in a free sma vanity type bag and put it in the buggy basket. so I could be free to shop!!!

Beccarollover Fri 09-Jan-04 23:18:25

Has anyone tried the samsonite one?

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