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Broken IPad. Do we have to send it to insurance company or Apple direct?

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PavlovtheCat Tue 04-Dec-12 19:56:30

clare really? so, the damaged tv, will we get that back if it is not repaired then? I sort of presumed that we wouldn't get it back from insurance company (or, rather their repair guys) if they don't repair it.

That's good to know how it works as I have no clue! Thanks for clarifying.

ClareMarriott Tue 04-Dec-12 17:11:45

Two items have been damaged as a result of one incident. If your contents insurers are dealing with the claim for the damaged TV on a cash basis and have asked if you can obtain a REPORT on the damage to the Ipad from Apple, then send their report to your insurers. It should state what the damage is, whether it is repairable or not and what it should cost to replace . Unless you have the Ipad insured as a separate item for £x, the insurers should settle your claim for £x for the TV and £x for the Ipad less the policy excess. Both the TV and the Ipad remain your property

PavlovtheCat Mon 03-Dec-12 17:29:33

Our iPad got damaged among other things when th e cat knocked the tele off the v stand. Insurance company dealing with tv etc. all ok with that. Accept we are going to get screwed with a low cash offer. Hey ho.

I am confused by Apple's response to broken iPad. Insurance company let us go direct to apple for report, which Dh has done. They have said it is not fixable, and has given it a replAcement value of only £200. I called to question but on mobile so bad line, did not finish conversation. The man I spoke to said it is the amount they will charge for a reconditioned iPad when we present the broken one at the Genius Bar. He said this will give us previously repaird iPad under warranty as if new. He said they won't give it new as the iPad is almost 1 year old, so used itself.

I did not get to clarify due to bad line - does this mean they take the broken iPad? If so, what about the insurance company? They said they could not replace apple products, so would give us the recommended cash value for us to buy ourselves. I thought the insurance company would want us to send it to them in return for the cash value?

We can't give it both parties! Anyone had experience like this? What happens in a situation like this? I was fully expecting them to repair it tbh but they can't (broken screen).

(I think it's a cheek on Apples part though, as they will just replace the screen and resell for £200!)

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