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Does anyone know where you can get Twisted Sista Hair products?

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Katymac Fri 07-Apr-06 22:49:58

They used to be sold at Asda & Boots but not anymore

Any ideas where I can get them from?

SorenLorensen Fri 07-Apr-06 22:55:47

I was going to say Asda, I bought some there - found this link to their website and it says Asda and Tesco on there. Also found another couple of links when I googled and they both said stocked by Asda. Are you sure it's not just your Asda that's stopped stocking it? Worth asking in store, maybe?

Katymac Fri 07-Apr-06 23:03:03

Have you bought any recently?

They are perfect for DD's hair

But our Asda say they are out of stock/not being sold anymore

puff Fri 07-Apr-06 23:19:30

Katymac, I've just had a look at Asda's online store and they are still selling Twisted Sista stuff on there

SorenLorensen Fri 07-Apr-06 23:22:50

About a year ago, so not very recently.

Katymac Sat 08-Apr-06 08:09:59

Thanks Puff

I can't get Asda stuff delivered - but I will try and find out how I can

It must not be sold at Asda's in Norfolk

Tinker Sat 08-Apr-06 08:17:36

Won't you end up looking like this?

Katymac Sat 08-Apr-06 08:32:12

No - DD is much prettier than that

hoxtonchick Sat 08-Apr-06 08:33:43

i'll look next time i go to asda, as i like those products too, & i've bought them from there fairly recently. i think i have some of the styling creme & some of the serum - they're about half used, but would you like me to send them to your dd?

Katymac Sat 08-Apr-06 08:38:13

I've not tried the serum - is it good?

We use the curl activator and 30 second spray curl

Katymac Sat 08-Apr-06 08:38:59

Sorry meant to say that's a really kind offer - are you sure you are finished with them?

hoxtonchick Sat 08-Apr-06 08:41:09

i have a cupboard full of curly hair products! hang on, i'll go & have a look.

hoxtonchick Sat 08-Apr-06 08:44:08

the serum doesn't really suit my hair, i find frizz-ease is better.

i've got about a third of a tube of curl activator & half a container of serum. very happy to send them to you.

boots have started doing a curly hair range which is very pink but very cheap. they have a curl spray which is like the twisted sista one which might be worth you trying.

Katymac Sat 08-Apr-06 08:45:09

An Asda miles away has a Relexing Straightening cream

So I'm off to buy that

Katymac Sat 08-Apr-06 08:47:02

Oh....I'll go to Boots and see

I fancy something easy to buy...cos I'm lazy

Do you know the range name?

hoxtonchick Sat 08-Apr-06 08:50:22

boots essentials

Katymac Sat 08-Apr-06 09:02:20

Wayhay......Lowestoft Asda have 21 bottles of the stuff - I'm off to buy them all!!!!!

Katymac Sat 08-Apr-06 12:12:03

OK so I only bought 8

MadameDeMars Sat 08-Apr-06 12:29:19

I hope you were joking about relaxing her hair.

Katymac Sat 08-Apr-06 15:23:51

DH says it's a "hairdress" what ever that is - but it's good for her scalp and stops the frizz

Not sure why it's called that

Debshutt Sat 27-May-17 17:00:31

You can buy this with online orders st Morrisons for home delivery (over £40) it's on offer for. URL soY and curl activator at 4.87 or ring them on 03456116111 option 3 and they will tell you which stores stock it 12 only in the U.K.

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