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reclining car seat 10ks plus - any recommendations?

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suzywong Tue 06-Jan-04 22:01:42

or can anyone point ne to a thread that has covered this?
also looking for a comfy booster seat for 3yr old

will be ebaying it so older models not a problem


popsycal Tue 06-Jan-04 22:05:52

britax.....cant remember what type though
be careful with second hand car seats however

auntymabel Tue 06-Jan-04 22:06:56

We've got a Britax Renaissance. Quite expensive but ds seems to like it.

suzywong Tue 06-Jan-04 22:06:58

good point - is that incase they have been in a prang?

popsycal Tue 06-Jan-04 22:07:52

we have the one aunty mabel has £50 off though!
halfords do good deals in britax ones...there are afew 'lesser' models - my mum has one for our ds.....look up britax

popsycal Tue 06-Jan-04 22:11:35

oh my god \link{\this{ one is called popsicle!!!

popsycal Tue 06-Jan-04 22:11:58

oh my god this one is called popsicle!!!

suzywong Tue 06-Jan-04 22:19:10

my goodnes Popsy you are thorough!

DH is pointing out (kicking up a fuss) that DS2, although hefty, is only 4 months old and not sitting by himself yet and therefore we need to take that in to consideration.

Now what do you say?

StressyHead Tue 06-Jan-04 22:26:01

message withdrawn

suzywong Tue 06-Jan-04 22:58:55

anyone else?

emkaren Tue 06-Jan-04 23:02:07

You should keep your ds rear-facing for as long as possible - there have been threads about this before, type in -rear-facing in the search area. I think in America it's even illegal to have a child forward-facing before they're 12 months old. And I wouldn't have a second-hand car seat unless I could trust the people I got it from, as a seat isn't safe anymore if it's been in a crash.
Apart from that I can tell you that we have the Britax Eclipse and are very happy with it!

suzywong Tue 06-Jan-04 23:10:53


CountessDracula Tue 06-Jan-04 23:13:48

Maxi cosi priori here too - fab and really easy to put in/out

Marina Wed 07-Jan-04 09:54:08

Britax Renaissance fan here. Reclines really well and even I can get the seatcover off for washing. Plus it has a clip-on tray for older users to crayon, eat crisps and vomit on to if necessary. Otherwise we'd have chosen the Maxi-Cosi, I think it's also a very good seat.

LIZS Wed 07-Jan-04 09:57:47

We've got Maxi Cosi Rodi booster with back for our ds (now 5). The headrest adjusts as they grow and you can remove the back so it is just a booster cushion later. For 15kg +

Hulababy Wed 07-Jan-04 11:50:35

We have the Britax Duo (ISOFIX model) and that reclines but, have to say, not that much. It is very good though and so so secure.

nicm Thu 08-Jan-04 11:45:59


You could try the britax first class if your baby is only 4 months. it is a car seat suitable from birth to approx 4 years and it can be either rear or forward facing. have no experience of this but am considering it for a baby i mind. it is on the mothercare website at £100 instead of £120. Hope this helps.

ninjinglebells Thu 08-Jan-04 11:50:23

I've got the bebe confort which came out well in safety tests as did the maxi cosi and one of the britax. usually have the cheapest new ones so it's worth a look

I really must change this christmas name!

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