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Where can I find a child's padded loo seat?

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wilbur Tue 06-Jan-04 11:17:22

A friend of mine has a brilliant padded loo seat for her ds that fits over their regular loo seat. I think I saw one once in a catalogue, but can't remember which one. Anyone know where I could get one? Would a big Boots have one?

dinosaur Tue 06-Jan-04 11:17:51

We got ours from Mothercare.

roam Tue 06-Jan-04 11:21:13

we got ours from Mothercare years ago now but also at the time Boots sold them too.

Twinkie Tue 06-Jan-04 11:22:10

Message withdrawn

M2T Tue 06-Jan-04 11:24:12

We just bought a fab one last week from Boots! Dunno the make or anything, but it has handles at the sides too. It's blue with a white padded seat. I has rubber pads on the bottom of it so it doesn't slide about.
It's the only we can get DS to sit on! Now all we have to do is get him to do the toilet whilst sitting on it!

wilbur Tue 06-Jan-04 11:39:00

Excellent - off to Boots now, thanks!

M2T Tue 06-Jan-04 11:44:38

Good luck Wilbur. We are having a spot of bother with ds at the moment. He seems to have mastered weeing as long as he is running around commando style and insists on standing up to pee in the potty. We just can't get him to sit on the potty to poo! We were amazed when he sat happily on that padded seat. But he just made pretend straining noises then said "all done Mummy". GRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!! BOYS!

cocococo Sat 10-Jan-04 22:56:16

Ours is a Bjorn one from Bump to 3 (the grobag people) not sure if its any good it's not seen the light of day yet!

josiejump Sat 10-Jan-04 23:01:07

Got ours recently from Toys R us - plain white and cost £7.99.

SoupDragon Sun 11-Jan-04 09:08:52

Shoved down the back of our downstairs toilet? I think it came from mothercare originally though We used it for DS1 but haven't bothered with DS2 - he's happy to sit on the big seat and I'm happy to let him.

Hulababy Sun 11-Jan-04 19:08:04

Saw these today in Mothercare for £10.

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