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Where to buy an expensive watch

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25sunshine Fri 16-Nov-12 10:56:02

I had the most AMAZING custumer experience at Fraser Hart (One New Change, London) yesterday. They couldn't have been more helpful: they had to take one on the chin (financially) to make sure I walked away happy, and I did!

What happened in brief: in March I spent the most money I ever have on a watch for DH (special anniversary) as a very special present to keep forever, etcetc. After a couple of months it stopped a number of times, had to be sent to Switzerland for full movement service, and came back supposedly fine. Last week it stopped AGAIN. I was so upset, because it now just felt like a complete waste of money and I would be reminded about it every time that I looked at it. I took it into the shop and told the manager about my disappointment (I was actually shaking with the stress of it all), and he said to keep it for testing, and if there was a fault they would replace or exchange it (as opposed to repairing it). When I went to pick it up the wretched thing had kept perfect time! However, when I said that I was still very unhappy because to me this wasn't a reliable watch, they took my word for it not working (for which they had no proof) and exchanged it anyway for a brand new one of the same model. I didn't even realise at the time that this is now £300 more expensive than it had been in March. I am still amazed that they did this, as they didn't have to and it would have cost them.

I don't normally share experiences but I just feel so ridiculously relieved and grateful!.

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