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Should an Glass Oven Door shatter?

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006 Mon 03-Apr-06 10:38:31

This will sound dim, but I'd like a second opinion on whether I go to town on AEG customer service or just order a replacement part!

We have a double oven. This morning after cooking hash browns for DD it just shattered, rather than exploded, but it was a bit surprising and I was relieved that baby was not in kitchen as she often is. The glass has not held together but is in pieces all over floor, though not shards.

Is this just one of those things (to add to the list of expenses!)

LadySherlockofLGJ Mon 03-Apr-06 10:40:12

How old was the oven. ??

006 Mon 03-Apr-06 10:41:45

7 years - it as in new house when we bought it, so brand new, but not our choice. I just expect everything to last for ever! I was grumpy about the safety aspect!

Twiglett Mon 03-Apr-06 10:42:38

its safety glass which is designed to shatter in big chunks .. it probably had a stress factor in the glass and it just went ..

no it is not supposed to shatter .. I would be straight on to AEG and complaining vociferously

(I had a brand new cooker hood shatter, well explode and shatter .. it had been in a week .. it was neff .. I have still have pics if you want to see it.. neff said they'd never heard it happen before .. they lied...)

EvesMama Mon 03-Apr-06 10:42:39

if the oven is fairly new, then no it shouldnt shatter as it is heat resistant toughend glass, even if it is old really!..i would call complaint line and see where you get from there

EvesMama Mon 03-Apr-06 10:43:22

deff complain !, what if your dd had been in kitchen!

LadySherlockofLGJ Mon 03-Apr-06 10:45:11

I would ring them and say that you are very upset and see how the conversation develops.

Neffs are guaranteed for 10 years perhaps AEG have a similar guarantee.

006 Mon 03-Apr-06 10:56:15

The instruction manual insures for 12 months, and I have already had the doors replaced when the hinges were faulty - actually, that means to door is only 3 years old!

If only I could get through on the phone!

Thanks for feedback - did not want to sound like twit on phone!

MaryBS Mon 03-Apr-06 12:27:36

Mine shattered and the instruction book stated specifically that it wasn't covered under warranty. However it was my own fault to an extent, I'd cleaned it with an abrasive cleaner and scratched the surface. This was also mentioned in the instruction book ....

awayfromhome Mon 03-Apr-06 12:48:50

My oven door also shattered - was fairly new. I heard a loud crack and then there was glass everywhere, I got cut with the flying glass.

The manufactuer replaced the cooker and said that it was a very rare thing, shouldn't happen etc etc... still view the replacement with a degree of suspicion a good few years later!!

ferrarigirl Mon 15-Jul-13 12:09:38

I know this is an old thread, but having experienced similar thought I would check whether this is a common occurrence. Turns out it isn't (phew!) although can be scary when it does happen! Anyway company Ovenu (they do oven valeting)has done a recent survey that explains all - it certainly put my mind at rest and gives logical explanation of how/why when it happens and some pointers as how to avoid it.

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