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Present for MUm of twins please

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codswallop Mon 05-Jan-04 14:21:55

My best pal from Uni and his Japanese born wife who live in Paris (geddit?) are having babies ont the 30th.

He said that we could get her a present to say well done, instead of the twins something (altho I am sure we will get that too).

Oh my god


codswallop Mon 05-Jan-04 14:23:48

wheres janh

Twinkie Mon 05-Jan-04 14:53:03

Message withdrawn

Festivefly Mon 05-Jan-04 14:54:21

Vodka, earplugs, a nanny?

codswallop Mon 05-Jan-04 14:54:57

twinkie very good

codswallop Mon 05-Jan-04 15:33:12

Mothercare dont deliver.. where delivers to Pareeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee?

oliveoil Mon 05-Jan-04 15:34:45

I will take it over for a fee. And a first class flight.

You're welcome.

Twinkie Mon 05-Jan-04 15:37:14

Message withdrawn

codswallop Mon 05-Jan-04 15:38:46

are planning next Autiumn when they have got used to idea!!!

they live in a luxury Duplex appt, well flat really, teehee

she is 42!!what a shock

Twinkie Mon 05-Jan-04 15:43:39

Message withdrawn

codswallop Mon 05-Jan-04 19:42:26

twink you star!

JanH Mon 05-Jan-04 21:03:06

Or you could get a Wingbo, coddie! Someone on here (will search in a min) bought one by accident () from a German on Ebay and didn't really know what it was, empty it looks like a giant baby catapult (wheeeeeeeee!) but you put the babe in it face down to swing a bit, and when they are a bit bigger they can swing themselves I think.

Here it is, it was adell - there are links to a couple of pics.

This is wingbo's home page in English. It only lists retailers though - all in Germany - no internet ordering apparently - but you could email and ask about mail order if you wanted. They look very cute! (But Twinkie's wind-up swing idea is probably better.)

codswallop Tue 06-Jan-04 18:16:01

they look good jan, you havent let me down

codswallop Wed 07-Jan-04 10:04:29

Ok printemps stock them... Pal has emiled them and they havent replied....

alibubbles Wed 07-Jan-04 14:01:39

Coddy, I'm going to Paris on the 6th Feb, when DD goes to see Uni. We're staying in the 7th district if that helps!

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