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For Zebra ... Tigger underwear

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Hulababy Fri 02-Jan-04 20:05:27

I remember you were in the Chilling Out bar andmentioned you were looking for some Tigger underwear for your DH. Well, I was in Boots today and they have men's Tigger boxers in their sale at £7.50.

zebra Fri 02-Jan-04 20:23:22

Oh, that's nice of you to remember me... Unfortunately, he's not a Boxers man. Men can be so particularly about how their bits are held in place, can't they?!

I think we shall ask a gay male friend... that community seems to have better antennae for this kind of thing.

NewThinnerDragon Fri 02-Jan-04 20:49:52

Our Tescos Extra had tigger underwear before Christmas but I couldn't say if it was boxers or briefs.

happycat Fri 02-Jan-04 21:39:03

B.H.S have tiger/zebra thongs if that floats your boat.Sorry to but in

happycat Fri 02-Jan-04 21:41:22

Oh did ya say tigger as in pooh bear oops anyway they are quite sexy from the something for the weekend range.

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