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Buying brands - feeding products

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JoshiBSc Fri 26-Oct-12 10:17:04

Hello Everyone,

I'm a Student studying at Bournemouth Uni, I'm currently undergoing study into buying habits, branding etc. I'm specifically looking into feeding products for babies until the stage of weaning. I would be hugely appreciative if you could help me out with a few questions I have, these include:

-What brands do you buy into; do you feel a brand loyalty when purchasing the products?

- With this do you feel a satisfaction with the products you have purchased, (E.g. Buying into quality, Style etc?)

- What influences you when deciding to by a product over another? (E.g. Price, guarantee of quality, recommendation, styling and appearance etc.)

Feel free to add any extra comments, all is greatly appreciated! smile

Kind regards

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