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your top tips for best gifts for a new mum/best newborn baby products

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ruffletheanimal Thu 25-Oct-12 22:15:36

my youngest is 6 now and the memory isnt what it was :gimmer:

my sister is expecting and i am a teeny bit chuffed to bits.

when i had my babies i had no idea and little contact with other mums... was the only one in my peer group... i moved away from the city to a place i knew no-one... one thing i did have was money to burn (i hope that doesnt upset anyone, and fwiw, i dont anymore) and so i bought loads of stuff, most of which in retrospect i couldve saved the money for and spent it more wisely - oh well !

my sis is doing this on a more normal budget (ie low) and im trying to think of the best stuff i can get her... the really brilliant ideas and products that make life rather sweet, without getting tons of crap - apart from anything else, she hasnt got room for that anyway.

what things were/are brilliant in your experience?
-ive gotten lovely swaddle muslins
-an amber necklace
-whats the BEST nappy cream?
-shes told me what bag she wants...
-and shes got a fair few clothes n stuff now.

what else??

my fave board book for babies was the Amazing Baby, Baby Boo one, but i got that ages ago... <racks brian>

kittycat68 Fri 26-Oct-12 20:54:03

digital ear thermometer!! god the stress when u r worried are they ill cos their crying all the time!!

upinthehills Fri 26-Oct-12 21:07:00

Yes to the thermometer. A sheepskin for the buggy is lovely (has holes for the harness). Also a baby sheepskin for the floor.

The best gift we got was a Baa Baa blind suction blackout blind for travelling. We have used it countless times - comes in a small bag and gets chucked in the suitcase. Still using it 6 years later.

MrsCurly Fri 26-Oct-12 21:09:10


onthewrongbus Mon 29-Oct-12 20:29:29

Nasal suction device thingy!

vamosbebe Mon 29-Oct-12 20:43:49

How about a little bag filled with:

thermometer for the bath (floating ones are nice)
natural sponge
nail scissors
towel with a hood
little hairbrush

One of my favourite gifts I received was a sleeping wedge: teddy bear on a wee blanket, small cushion velcroed to other side, DS slept on it and felt cuddled as he was wedged in (hence the name!). It's also a singing teddy - rock a bye baby - and he falls asleep to it even though he wiggles around so much the wedginess of the gift is redundant (he's 11m).

And congratulations to your DSis - and you becoming an aunty thanks

sammysamsam Tue 30-Oct-12 23:18:30

feeding cusion, swaddle wrap (which you have bought?) car seat mirror (the sunshine kids baby one, and a mums one for the windscreen)-thats if she drives, and a carseat footmuff. stuff i couldn't have done without. best of luck to your dsis x

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