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Urban Detour Glacier 3 Wheeler (Mothercare)

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Davrosthesnowman Tue 30-Dec-03 09:31:17

I'm thinking of buying the above, its well discounted at the moment and came first in the MN product guides. However, the blurb on MN doesn't specifically say if it is good over rough ground and I'd like to know before buying, I assume it is as that's what I thought all 3 wheelers were for. I want it because we haven't been able to go out anywhere that's not "organised/manicured" (we wanted to walk over Hampstead Heath) over the holiday as the current puschair or buggy wouldn't take it. Can anyone confirm its suitability for this type of walking? Thanks.

Demented Wed 31-Dec-03 00:19:23

Davros, we've got one of these, I like it, haven't gone rambling too far with it but the pneumatic tyres really soften the bumps. IMO it's not a 'real' ATP, it's more for looks but is certainly easier to manage than our Maclaren buggy or 2 in one pram on rough terrain (never seen Hampstead Heath so don't know how you would manage there). The only problem we have ever had was on the beach but I'm not sure if any pushchair would pass the soft sand test. HTH. It's a nice buggy.

Davrosthesnowman Wed 31-Dec-03 14:54:01

Thanks Demented. The discount seems to have disappeared today, I swear it was there yesterday! I'm now looking at the Graco Leisure Air 3 on which is also V. cheap at the moment. Only I am a bit suspicious that everything else is described as "all terain" except for this one. We would be going across long grass, along paths but muddy/rough ones. I'm not sure either of these would be up to it and I don't want to spend a fortune as we've already got a proper pushchair and a buggy..... If anyone sees anything suitable that reduced, let me know! I'll just go and check the MN buying and selling noticeboard.

marmet Thu 01-Jan-04 21:07:13

i have a maclaren major quite big wheels but does any body know if these struggle on rough ground nothing worse is it for embaressment when you start going somewhere and your pram or pushchair gets stuck and people are around you beaches and sand are a nightmare my maclaren and my coachbuilt pram doesnt like any sand just sinks in dont they

chatee Sat 03-Jan-04 13:11:26

sorry davros a bit late with this
we have this 3 wheeler bought it last february for dd who was a big 2.5 year old and needed a bigger pram as she has cp and couldn't walk...we have found it great, easier and light to maneouvre and dd's feet manage to stay on the foot rest(only just though now)we've been on a stony beach through long grass and up and down hills

Davros Sun 18-Jan-04 12:00:02

An update in case anyone's interested. I just bought a Landrover ATP for £70 second hand. A bargain I think, although obviously used its basically fine and I've cleaned/washed it

sliverx2 Sun 18-Jan-04 14:56:22


What a Bargin!!, these are still fetching major money on ebay, at these are seen to be the best atp around. and made by Silver Cross so built to last!

viva Sun 18-Jan-04 15:02:34

im 16 my mum as a maclaren major buggy for me much lighter than a wheelchair she says my joints r weak but mum only uses it on pavements not rough ground are these buggies for adults as well just i have sed i think i need a whelchair but she says adults go in these buggys as well is this true just id feel better if this was the case

mieow Sun 18-Jan-04 16:15:32

Viva, Majors are supposed to only be used till the age of about 10. They can take weight up to 7 stones (which I am) and I wouldn't want to be pushed in one. My son is 6 and we know in a few years he may need a wheelchair.
I am sure if you went to the wheelchair clinic they would say that you need a wheelchair and shouldn't be in a buggy, unless you are very tiny

Davros Sun 18-Jan-04 18:30:41

Well I'm feeling v. smug now! Just looked at their website with a view to getting a cosytoes thing and they cost £60 + P&P! That's nearly what I paid for the thing, it will be cosy suit and blankets for us...

Demented Sun 18-Jan-04 22:41:13

Bargain Davros!

viva Mon 19-Jan-04 10:13:41

hi mieow
i am 16 but weigh nearly 8 stones just if you say there only for a 10 year old i feel concious now having have to go in a pushchair still. but i have heard people say to mum when out and stops and talks to people that these buggys can take up to a small adult thats why i didnt mind going in it still. but now i dont know. i can fit it in ok and just have a blanket round me keep warm i can walk a bit but any distance i go in the buggy i know mum brought this second hand and wheelchairs are very expensive just be nice to see any one else use these at my age

Tissy Mon 19-Jan-04 10:20:08

surely you wouldn't have to pay for a wheelchair?

get your GP to refer you to the local wheelchair clinic.

viva Mon 19-Jan-04 10:40:21

dont know
its easy for mum for me still go in my buggy she says its light she says i suppose it would be nice have a trendy wheelchair but have to make do with the buggy is any 1 else got a maclaren major buggy mines quite old r they still the same or been changed thanks

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