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Washer Dryer - which brand is best?

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BoyMeetsWorld Mon 08-Oct-12 07:26:26

Opinions please smile

My faithful Ariston Margherita washer dryer has finally packed in after 10 happy years together.

Can't seem to see any Aristons in comet or other such shops. Not sure if this tells me something though I loved it. Their makes seem to all be Hotpoint, Bosch, Indent and Candy.

Anybody have any experiences with these (or others) that they'd recommend or warn against?

Thanks lots

melliebobs Mon 08-Oct-12 07:32:50

I hate washer dryers they are bloody rubbish and take forever and ten your lucky everythins dry. But from the ones I've had in rented accommodation the Candy was the best

We have a Bosch washer dryer and we're happy with it.

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