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Help with nappies

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Browneyedgirl3107 Sun 07-Oct-12 16:51:48

My daughter has been in easy-up pants size 4 for some time now but has recently started to leak out of them, Ive tried the size 5 but although they dont leak they seem to hang quite low on her causing her to walk like a cowboy :/
Any ideas on what i could try? She's 2yrs old but not ready for the potty yet. X

nextphase Sun 07-Oct-12 20:45:35

Have you tried a different brand? Or changing them more frequently - I don't think they hold as much liquid as normal nappies.
We never managed a night in pull ups, and went back to nappies overnight til DS1 told us he didn't want a nappy, and went straight to pants at night (having got days sorted)

Browneyedgirl3107 Mon 08-Oct-12 08:24:38

I put her in pampers baby dry at night. Am thinkin of goin bak 2 active fit. We've tried huggies b4 but they just leaked. Its all trial n error i think, just seems a waste 2 buy a pack of 1 if it doesnt work sad
Thankyou for ur advice will defo try anotha brand.x

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