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leather or initation leather sofa

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marmet Mon 29-Dec-03 11:34:31

could any one tell me please if any body got a leather sofa and is the imitation leather just as good .are they cold ? got 2 children so are they practical what are the pros and cons please just i did think imitation or leather must be easy keep clean thanks

WSM Mon 29-Dec-03 11:50:07

We have a soft leather sofa in a pale colour and so far it has been great, even with 3 kids (11,10 & 16 months !). Can't comment on the imitation leather, though.

I would think that real leather is less sticky in summer than imitation as real leather is a breathable material and the imitation tends to have a fairly high plastic content.

marmet Mon 29-Dec-03 20:16:55

o thanks just imitation is alot cheaper see a pvc 1 for sale can they tear

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