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Micro Scooter - sexist material

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Nellers Fri 28-Sep-12 09:17:31

I have just taken receipt of a micro MX Trix for my DS of 8. It arrived with a promotional magazine about the joys of scooting called micro cosmos. This contains no images of girls on scooters at all. The only females represented in the entire document are girls in various salacious poses wearing cut off t-shirts, knickers & stilettos. The advertising on Micro Website for this scooter describes this model as "suitable for young beginners" . Hmmm.


annaandphilippa Mon 08-Oct-12 12:06:03

Nellers, we completely agree with you. The magazine is definitely not something we endorse or condone and should never have been in your son's scooter box. The magazine was intended for distribution in Switzerland and only in scooter boxes that were for older/pro riders. Unfortunately, human error has meant that the magazine has appeared in the UK version of the Trixx boxes. Obviously this is not something we want to be associated with, as mums ourselves we would too be uncomfortable about our sons reading this sort of thing. We are now working on getting the magazine removed from all the UK Trixx boxes. Once again, we are truly sorry that the magazine was in your box but we do hope that your son is enjoying riding his new MX Trixx. If you have any questions or comments please do get in touch with us through our website, Facebooke etc.

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