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whethergirl Tue 25-Sep-12 12:54:56

I am really bloody fed up. Bought a brand new pair of shoes, albeit fairly cheap at £9.99 from Shoezone, ds has worn for 2 weeks and they already have a hole in them.

He always manages to somehow get a rip in the front part of the shoe, between the seam/sole. He claims he is not doing anything in particular to wear them out so quickly.

I can't normally afford Clarkes, but thinking I am spending the equivalent on cheap shoes anyway, so am considering it. However if the Clarkes shoes don't last either then that will be a big waste of money.

He did have a pair of Nike trainer/shoes that seemed good quality, but even they didn't last long.

Anyone else had this problem, and what brand of shoes have you found to be most durable? I was going to try Asda next confused

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