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a twin jogger-any recomendations

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paulinka Sat 18-Mar-06 20:11:05

hi all
i am looking to but a light and practical and durable double jogger, sitting side by side? any good or bad experiences?

SHHHH Sat 18-Mar-06 21:08:07

I have heard that the double prams are a nightmare with shopes etc (to wide) but I have no experience as only got dd.

BUT I did see this phil and ted while in town and the owner couldn't recommend it enough. Its for 1 child and has a seperate seat for a 2nd child.

Available in different colours. Must admit when we have baby2 I will be hinting to dh for this ..!!!

SleepySuzy Sat 18-Mar-06 21:10:23

They are fab, make me wish I had another kid!!

SHHHH Sat 18-Mar-06 21:15:15

Have one just for the pram..!! ..!

I quite like the green as well...bit sick looking but something draws me to it..!

SleepySuzy Sat 18-Mar-06 21:17:18

Nooooo!!!! I've had far too many already - pushchairs that is!

SHHHH Sat 18-Mar-06 21:20:16

know what I think we are heading down the same route.. dd is only 10 months and we are already on pram 2...

BTW we wanted 5 they do a 5 seater..??! .

SleepySuzy Sat 18-Mar-06 21:21:38

there is a five seater somewhere actually!!!

But seriously, don't do it with the prams!! What do you have btw?

SHHHH Sat 18-Mar-06 21:32:56

God I think I would have half of river islands stock rails with me if I had a 5 seater!

We were wrongly advised by shop so have the m&p Ultima with the series 3 car seat (as it fit in the car). I wanted a travel system but aparently the car seat was not right for my car.Total cost around £650.

But due to us going abroard when dd was 5 months we wanted to take the carseat so had to buy the pram it fit in which was the m&p 3series sport so we could just slot the carseat onto the pram when out for the day etc.Total cost £150.

TBH I now use the ultimo when out walking at home and the 3 series stays in the car when in town etc.

I am not 100% with either but I suppose you live and learn.£800 quid on 2 prams I am not happy with is quite shocking though when I think about it. .

SleepySuzy Sat 18-Mar-06 21:35:59

I would get the car seat you are happy with, and the pushchair you are happy with, even if they don't match. It's not that good for your child to be in a car seat for long anyway, so better off taking out of car seat, and sitting them straight into a flat reclined pram.

SHHHH Sat 18-Mar-06 21:39:58

I would do that had I known then what I know now. Also, thing is after buying the pram while I was 5 mths pregnant with dd once she was 3 months old I changed my car!!!! LOL, within another 6 months she was in a new forward facing carseat . They get you all ways these baby places.!!!

getbakainyourjimjams Sat 18-Mar-06 21:40:36

Instep nippers are good, because they're side by side 3 wheelers (Ivery light, brake on the handle etc) but fit through small doorways. It just fitted through the small front door of our old house as well and folded up to fit in the boot of old style renault megane. Do you want to run with it? I think they do big wheeled ones. I have a small wheeled one I am selling- am going to list it on eaby but if you're local to me and can save me having to pack tha damm thing (I;m in the south west UK) then you can have first refusal. It looks practially new (with 3 year age gaps between my 3 I hardly needed to use it). It says from 3 months in the blurb, but I have a newborn support and so used it from birth (going free- but only costs about a tenner anyway).

SHHHH Sat 18-Mar-06 21:43:13

paulinka..just realised, we crashed your thread... Sorry. [head hung in shame emoticon].

paulinka Sun 19-Mar-06 10:04:37

that's ok, i am looking for a twn jogger side by side though cos both kids want to sit at the front. has anyone had a red kite twin? they are on special offer on kiddicare

paulinka Sun 19-Mar-06 10:07:15


paulinka Sun 19-Mar-06 10:09:35

i dnt know how to create liks sorry

SleepySuzy Sun 19-Mar-06 10:09:55

Here: red kite twin jogger

SleepySuzy Sun 19-Mar-06 10:10:41

Before the last bracket you need a backslash \ and then a title for your link.

paulinka Sun 19-Mar-06 10:16:03

red kite

GOT IT!!!!

SleepySuzy Sun 19-Mar-06 10:28:43


paulinka Thu 23-Mar-06 19:00:01

any recommendations then?

pookey Sat 27-May-06 22:56:53

Paulinka did you buy that red kite pushchair it sounds good value but cannot find any mention of it on here?

pegasus Sun 28-May-06 09:52:26

The Red Kite sounds quite heavy (14kg).

The Nipper is 9kg and the Phil & Teds is 9.7kg.

tangox3 Sun 28-May-06 16:22:15

I'm looking for a double jogger too, as am expecting in Nov and ds will be 28 months. He still has a big nap in the day so want a side by side.

Phil and Ted's (now does a side by side buggy), and Mountain Buggy are the two I'm considering. Both are about 16kgs and 29 inches wide (fit thru standard doorway apparently)
You can put a carseat into both.

I looked at the Out n about Nipper as it is only 9 kgs, but it doesn't have a swivel front wheel which I would find a major pain now that i am used to one in a single.

Tried a Maclaren twin traveller the other day. Wouldn't touch it with a bargepole as found it incredibly unwieldy over curbs with my heavy little man and his lightweight friend.

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