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Range cookers - Does size matter??

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Joso Mon 22-Dec-03 20:18:10

Ok ladies - once again I'm issuing a cry for help regarding my soon to be refurbished kitchen. I accept the topic of my kitchen is hardly a pressing matter but I genuninely appreciate the imput. Apart from which, I simply no longer know my own mind and would like some very friendly people in cyberspace to make it up for me!! Ok here's the dilemma:-
We are knocking down the wall between our dining room and kitchen but the actual kitchen area is relatively small (8.5ft x 11ft) and also it's on a slightly lower level via a small step. My question is would a 90cm range cooker seem to big for the kitchen area or should I go for something more sensible but less WOW!! Help please!!

bobthebaby Mon 22-Dec-03 20:29:02

Do you do a lot of cooking and therefore "need" this? If you love to cook I would think it a very good use of space, otherwise an extra 30cm of bench space will be a lot more use. It will look brilliant though!

bunny2 Mon 22-Dec-03 20:57:42

Joso, I have a huge range cooker and although it hasnt transformed me into Nigella, it looks great and I enjoy using it. I love to cook and we virtually live in the kitchen so for me it was a good buy.

Joso Mon 22-Dec-03 21:34:59

Yep I love cooking so from that point of view it's a goer. But from an aesethics point of view I'm thinking will it be too big for a small space?

adell Mon 22-Dec-03 21:45:21

What about a ceramic topped one so that it sits at the same level as the worksurface and looks less broken up, if that makes any sense !

Joso Mon 22-Dec-03 21:56:53

Hmmmmmm...sounds like a good idea but I don't really know what you mean by ceramic topped Adell. (am I being dim?)

adell Mon 22-Dec-03 22:06:45

They are electric cookers with flat tops and rings that light up. The top is totally smooth & flat - not doing a very good job explaining, sorry. Try a search for "ceramic range cooker" and hopefully it will make a bit more sense. Belling, Smeg & Leisure all do a 90cm one.

Joso Mon 22-Dec-03 22:11:55

Ooooohhhh I see...well actually I gotta admit I prefer the gas style hob (but thanks anyway!)

berries Tue 23-Dec-03 20:25:16

Our kitchen area is almost identical & we've got a 90cm cooker. Its got 4 burners and a griddle, but the griddle has a ceramic cover so it can be used as work surface when not in use. You'll find that when it's open to the dining area it will feel bigger anyway. I love the cooker and am really glad we had it, although we are about to revamp the kitchen completely so it will be a larger area - we're going to go for a 110 this time!!

Demented Tue 23-Dec-03 23:59:58

Joso we have a smallish kitchen, not sure of the size but probably not too far off the size of yours, we knocked down the wall between the kitchen and dining room and have an 110cm range cooker IMHO it looks great. It is positioned close to the diningroom and IMO doesn't look too big at all. We have put some of the same units we have in the kitchen in the diningroom to make a fake dresser and broom cupboard thing and it really ties the two rooms up, many people seeing it for the first time don't realise it was two rooms. Go for it!

normerryxmas Wed 24-Dec-03 03:04:03

Come on girl!!
Of COURSE size matters!!
Go for the biggest, fattest cooker you can get.

Crunchie Wed 24-Dec-03 10:56:45

90cm cookers don't look vast Joso, once you get over 100cm + then I think you need a bigger kitchen. As someone else said the opening up of the dining room will give the appearance of a much larger space.

Joso Wed 24-Dec-03 22:19:11

I'm sold...I'm sold!! bigger IS better...I'm gonna do it....!! ta very much

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