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For fairylou and anyone else wishing to look stupid

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Festivefly Sun 21-Dec-03 14:30:29

Only joking i think i might get one, you could dye the pastels, look

FairyLou Sun 21-Dec-03 17:18:09

Lol, but I don't want natural or pastel, I am artificial all the way! If you get one, can you give me a review?

Festivefly Sun 21-Dec-03 17:25:54

Yes i will give you a review, im going to buy one in the sales

FairyLou Sun 21-Dec-03 17:26:28

Actually that pic is rotten, she looks like she has sellotaped them in!

FairyLou Sun 21-Dec-03 17:35:19

Maybe I could get a wig, there is a sale on here . Click on alternative hair. I like this site actually.

Festivefly Sun 21-Dec-03 18:07:16

Yes she does look a bit of a state, i on the otherhand will look fantastic
Nice wigs though very sexy, i think i'll go on the mumsnet meet up in disguise

FairyLou Sun 21-Dec-03 21:21:32

Naturally you will. That site seems quite good for other bits doesn't it?

Festivefly Sun 21-Dec-03 22:41:18

yes it is i've added it to my favourites so thanks again, can i have another kiss

FairyLou Sun 21-Dec-03 23:44:48


SantaBaby34 Sun 21-Dec-03 23:47:07

Message withdrawn

FairyLou Sun 21-Dec-03 23:54:40

I can't wait you know. I wonder if she will look like a Girl's World head ?

SantaBaby34 Sun 21-Dec-03 23:56:13

Message withdrawn

FairyLou Sun 21-Dec-03 23:58:22

I used to have one as a girl. Bought one for dd1 a few years ago, but the quality was rubbish compared to the one I had.

SantaBaby34 Sun 21-Dec-03 23:59:32

Message withdrawn

FairyLou Mon 22-Dec-03 00:00:25

How old is she? Do you realise we are talking to each other on 2 different threads? Shall we just go to the pub?

SantaBaby34 Mon 22-Dec-03 00:02:31

Message withdrawn

FairyLou Tue 23-Dec-03 11:20:49

Pah! The hairdresser called to say she can't strip enough cooour our for blue stripes , so it has to be purple, unless I want to go khaki! Purple is ok isn't it?

FairyLou Tue 23-Dec-03 11:21:10

Should be "colour out".

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