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Clothes for Baby Annabel

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BosworthBear Fri 19-Dec-03 07:09:25

Where can I find a good selection of clothes that will fit Baby Annabel, I thought that her branded ones were too expensive so DDs doll will stay in one outfit all Christmas. On the plus side though if she doesn't like the doll I won't have wasted any more money...

misdee Fri 19-Dec-03 07:46:03

maybe buy some /newborn/prem/tiny/baby clothes, see if they fit. my kids have some Zapt dolls that i picked up a a car boot, and they fit in the newborn clothes.

SantaHatZebra Fri 19-Dec-03 07:52:04


I think the ballerina outfits are cute. When do little girls start dressing their dolls? All the girls I know (age 4 and under) don't change dolly clothes, or just like their dolls in the buff!

tinselcat Fri 19-Dec-03 08:01:48

In pound land in maidstone they had zaft creation dolls clothes, suitable for dolls up to 17 and a half inches for..a pound!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It might be worth a look if youve one near you, i got a dressing gown and a dress with a cardy over the top, and looking in fenwicks yesterday the are 13 quid in there. HTH

HappyHollyHulababy Fri 19-Dec-03 08:31:22

Baby Annabel is about 46cm long - a little bit smaller than my DD when she was born (she was just under 7lb) so clothes that fit that size baby should do it. I thik that the Mothercare tiny baby size should fit well and it is much cheaper than the proper Baby Annabel clothes.

DD is getting Baby Annabel too. I have saved some of her newborn clothes for the doll. One or two might be a little big but not excessively so.

Jinglebells Fri 19-Dec-03 09:29:39

Look in the Charity shops for newborn baby clothes. I got 8 lovely little outfits for dd's Annabell for 2.00 the other day from Childrens Hospice shop

Jaybee Fri 19-Dec-03 10:04:48

No use for Christmas but we always go to the NCT sales for dd's doll clothes - the You & Me range in Toys R Us will include clothes that fit Annabel.

Katherine Fri 19-Dec-03 10:10:08

Look on - I'm sure I saw a red riding hood outfit on there yesterday. Baby Annabel outfits come on quite often. All well made and much cheaper than commercial versions.

tamum Fri 19-Dec-03 10:40:08

There are quite a lot of general dolls clothes that fit Baby Annabel if you go to big toy shops, but it may well be cheaper to buy baby clothes! There are lots of knitting patterns for dolls that size if any of you can face that!

Zebra, my dd has been keen on dressing dolls since she was 2, but I guess it's only since she was 4 that she was able to dress them herself, so maybe that why all the girls you know have naked dolls

HappyHollyHulababy Fri 19-Dec-03 10:41:56

John Lewis's toy department has it own range of baby clothes and they do a range that will fir Baby Annabel - it's their biggest size I think.

HappyHollyHulababy Tue 23-Dec-03 22:24:21

Mothercare has half price sale on their baby clothes. The tiny baby size look just the right size so you can get lovely outfits for about £5 or £6.

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