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Anyone got a gesslein buggy?

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threelittlebabies Thu 09-Mar-06 15:44:02

Just wondered if they are any good

LIZS Sun 12-Mar-06 12:02:32

Popular in Europe, low centre of gravity and good suspension but bulky and look heavy.

Yorkiegirl Sun 12-Mar-06 12:02:57

Message withdrawn

LIZS Sun 12-Mar-06 12:04:48

here but all in German !!

Teaandcake Sun 12-Mar-06 19:24:11

Ooooh! Gorgeous 'proper' prams.
They are quite big and heavy but superb for walking with. The Trend has lovely bouncy suspension (on leather straps like a Silver Cross coach built) and a big seat with a reversable handle, the 'cocoon' type carrycot also converts into a fantastic footmuff. It is also completely untippable. A good feature if you like your baby to sleep outside in the fresh air - it seems the Germans are really into this and buy these for the comfort they provide.

We also sell the Future 'Loop' (can't remember what that means in German something to do with change or choice). It also has fab suspension, a seat which can face either way and a huge choice of extra fabrics so you can change the colour of your pram whenever you like. This one comes with a choice of wheels - you get a set of four big wheels (great for longer walks) and also a set of swivel wheels for the front of the chassis (for steering around shops etc). Also has the M-Lift cocoon type carrycot thing.

The other one we deal with is the 4X4 Buggy. Basically an umbrella fold buggy but very big and robust. M-Lift also works with this one so, can be used very comfortably from birth.

All three lie totally flat, so are better for sleeping in than most other prams/buggies.

Really lovely, top quality, beautifully built prams with an emphasis on the baby's comfort being the most important thing. The only shame is, we sell so few because of the weight, everyone I speak to just wants to lightest thing out there.

The people who do Gesslein them really love them, its convincing them in the first place thats the problem.


Angeliz Sun 12-Mar-06 19:38:58

They look great.
We have had an emmaljunga since dd1 (along with a few others but nothing beats it- 5 years on still perfect) and it looks quite similar.

Angeliz Sun 12-Mar-06 19:40:15

OOOHHHH look at the history link on that page for a fab photo of triplets

MerlinsBeard Sun 12-Mar-06 19:44:51

lol @ the peepy window thing!

Teaandcake Sun 12-Mar-06 19:55:43

I LOVE Emmaljunga too! I'm just a sucker for anything traditional to do with prams. Have a total weakness for coach built Silver Cross prams, but thats another thread!

Love the Gesslein window thing too!

MerlinsBeard Sun 12-Mar-06 19:56:48

3littlebabies has a gesslein (i think i read it right on a nother thread)

threelittlebabies Sun 26-Mar-06 00:29:49

God, just seen this- how rude you must think I am not replying! Actually taken my gesslein back as the wheel fell off after a week! When saleswoman tried to convince us to take a replacement and invited dh to try it's wheels, one also fell off- double They reluctantly gave us a refund and I got a M&P Pliko instead, which is fab. Shame, as I did like the gesslein.

Flumpie Mon 09-Oct-06 13:11:12

I've been looking at these - anyone got one?? They look fab but how easy are they to manouvre around - just trying to get real people's opinioins )

FestiveAtForty Fri 24-Nov-06 17:10:58

I've got a slightly older model of the Trend, bought 2nd hand off Ebay.

It has the soft carrycot which you can take out and it folds into a pushchair which can face either way which is nice.

Pros: it's beautifully made, sturdy, fab bouncy suspension, nice big blow up rubber tyres good for outdoors. Good for older/bigger toddlers as seat size is generous and it's very strong and stable. Lovely protective environment for first couple of months for a newborn.

Cons: big, heavy, harder to steer than a pushchair as fixed wheels. The pushchair seat is huge and not v supportive for younger babies (they would slide/flop sideways), I'd say a baby would need to be at least 6 months old before it could sit up comfortably in it, and most babies like to be propped up a bit before then so they can see what's going on. Maybe that the newer models have better support though. It does (just) fit in the boot of my medium sized car but nothing else will when it's in there, so no good for taking on trips away.

I have compromised and also bought a Maclaren Techno for shopping and going anywhere in the car (baby can either lie flat from birth or be comfortably sat up a bit in it from about 3 months). To be honest I rarely use the Gesslein now, however if I had a lifestyle where I walked a lot locally (so didn't need to put it in car or bus) then I would use it more as it really is lovely to push if you can stride along big pavements or in the park where there's lots of room. So as ever it does depend on your lifestyle what's best for you. I'd say you'd always have to have a lighter more portable pushchair as a backup though.

MichMoo16 Sun 10-Dec-06 19:54:09

I agree, i bought one when my DS was a baby and it was fantastic, I personally thought that his comfort was more important than how lightweight it was. The suspension was fantastic and at least he lay flat in the carrycot rather than all these travel systems you see where the babies are so squashed up. Think if you use buses though it may be a problem as they are abit clumbersome! Me, I walk everywhere so its just brilliant for that.

zsuzsanna123 Thu 09-Jul-15 13:52:19

I've got one for sale in London.
I ordered from Germany in 2014, we have to seat, one is brand new.
I can tell that this buggy is the best!!!!
*full recline seat
*air wheels, which you don't have to pump!
*reversible seat unit
*roomy shopping basket
*lots of packets for storage
*adjustable handlebar
*extra large sun canopy, for hot or windy days
*adjustable foot rest

You can't find a buggy like this in UK!! simply the best!!!!

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