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UP FOR GRABS........ Maternity 'belly belt' clothes adjuster thingy...

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emmatmg Mon 15-Dec-03 21:57:27

For anyone who wants one, I've got one going free.

DS3 is now 3 months old and as he's our last baby I won't be needing it again. I hardly used it so it's as good as new.

Contact me through the 'contact a talker' thing and I'll send it on to you.

vivat Tue 16-Dec-03 15:24:20

how annoying - I bought one yesterday and am waiting for it to be delivered ! I'm sure you'll find a home for it though.

madgirl Tue 16-Dec-03 15:42:48

ooooh yes PLEASE!> can't believe i have opened up this thread and there aren't 100 replies. should i ask tech to forward my address to you? i would like to give you something for it - how much are they in the shops?

emmatmg Tue 16-Dec-03 16:35:15

So sorry ladies......bogwoppit else got there first, and she's now given me an excellent excuse to get to the post office to send my xmas cards.

Sorry....if I had more I'd let you have one.

Bogwoppit Fri 19-Dec-03 12:27:38

thanks Emma - it arrived this morning. will be trying it out over the weeekend.

sorry to you others, but if i don't get on with it then you are next in line!!!

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