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Washing machine/fabric softener question

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marthamoo Sun 14-Dec-03 11:24:35

Sorry - boring I know. The fabric softener has stopped draining out of the drawer of my machine - when I open the drawer at the end of the cycle it is still sitting there (diluted - the level is higher - so water is going into the compartment). My washing is crunchy.

Any ideas?

It's 2 years old so out of warranty.

janh Sun 14-Dec-03 11:44:29

Hi, marthamoo! There was a thread on this once before and I actually managed to find it - it's here . Hope it helps. (Could be the siphon tube is either blocked or pushed down too far so it can't suck up - have you tried dismantling and cleaning it?)

(The old thread turns into a discussion about whether you even need fabric conditioner but that's another issue altogether!)

marthamoo Sun 14-Dec-03 11:48:31

janh, you are a star...THANKYOU

Forestfly Sun 14-Dec-03 11:51:19

If you can't mend it straight away go and get some bounce for your drier, no more crunchie clothes

marthamoo Sun 14-Dec-03 11:52:53

Thanks FF

How was your solo night out btw?

Forestfly Sun 14-Dec-03 12:39:06

Fine thanks martha bumped into people

Davros Mon 15-Dec-03 13:33:47

Mine too! I'll have a go at it later. I was wondering if there's anything like the Ovenu man for washing machines? I know that my drawer and the bit it slides into is filthy and smelly, how can that be good for cleaning clothes? Any tips gratefully received.

Demented Mon 15-Dec-03 20:19:50

Davros, Kim and Aggie recommend a cup of white vinegar in your washing machine and let it go through an empty wash. You can usually take the drawer out, my Mum used to do this every wash, I'm ashamed to admit it did it for the first time in five years a couple of weeks ago . HTH.

popsycal Mon 15-Dec-03 20:24:35

the drawer comes out???

dh's grandma does it every wash too

SoupDragon Mon 15-Dec-03 21:19:40

I spent about 4 years stopping my machine when it reached the softener part of the cycle, opening the door and throwing a capful in before starting it up again. All because it wouldn't take the softener from the drawer like Marthamoo's. It just became second nature!!

Davros Mon 15-Dec-03 22:58:56

Demented, thanks so much. I will give it a go, no more clogged drawers!

Davros Tue 16-Dec-03 23:11:43

Where do I put the white vinegar? Main wash drawer I expect?

marthamoo Wed 17-Dec-03 07:21:04


Dh disembowelled the washing machine on Monday (I was less than enthusiastic but he went ahead anyway ) He managed to get the drawer casing out, prise it apart, and it was completely gunked up with black slime - yeuck - including the fabric softener tube. Cleaned it out, put it back together (my heart was in my mouth at the thought of Christmas with a non-functioning washing machine!) and then did the Kim and Aggie white vinegar trick (in the drum and the drawer). So far so good!

I just wish I knew WHY my machine slimes up in this way. I've not met anyone else locally who has this problem, so can't think it's the water. Quite often my clothes come out with tiny grey marks on them, which I'm sure is the slime dislodging. I've decided to skip fabric softener for a while (bought some Bounce sheets, thanks FF) and see if that helps.

Oops, that was supposed to be brief - got two kids to get ready

scoobysnax Wed 17-Dec-03 08:36:56

The slime problem is very common! I have to wash out my conditioner tray to avoid it, and also clean the rubber seal around the door into the folds!

prettycandles Sat 20-Dec-03 15:27:52

I just ran my machine on a 90degree cycle, with just vinegar in the soap and conditioner compartments. The drum is now sparkling! Thanks for the tip .

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