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coachbuilt Tue 09-Dec-03 10:24:31

does any body on here use a old coachbuilt pram at all i suppose not many people do now just interested if there is any body do still use them they are so nice and big and you still use them for a child who isup to the age of 2 or 3 if there not too big

Jaybee Tue 09-Dec-03 10:49:57

I don't personally but there are at least three Mum's in our town that have them - often see them parked outside a classroom at school. I think they are wonderful if you walk alot.

Jaybee Tue 09-Dec-03 10:51:04

Sorry - before the apostrophe police shout at me - please read that as 'Mums'

aloha Tue 09-Dec-03 11:04:26

Why do you ask?

Demented Wed 10-Dec-03 10:45:52

If we had lived in this house when we had DS1 I would have given a coachbuilt pram more consideration (they are lovely) but when DS1 was born we lived in a second floor flat, even the pram that we bought was quite hefty. They are not very handy for the car either, so I suppose you would have to have a back-up.

Bloom Wed 10-Dec-03 13:52:55

I have an old silver cross that I love. I didn't get it until ds was a toddler and he loved it. He has now outgrown it and I planned to use it from birth with next baby, but we are now moving to a flat and it won't fit in the lift. I was devastated as we will be walking almost everywhere and I was so looking forward to using it. IN the end, I bought an emmaljunga which is quite traditional but has modern features and will fit in the lift.

prufrock Wed 10-Dec-03 14:23:17

I used my little brothers silver cross. My Dad and brother rechromed it (it had been stored in garage) and Mum and sister scrubbed the fabric with a toothbrush to get it all clean. I only used it until dd was 7 months or so - felt a bit dangerous to have her sitting up in it, but it was lovely to have for a newborn, and I could fit a really decent shop in the bottom tray

suedonim Wed 10-Dec-03 15:34:23

I had a coachbuilt pram for all four babies and I loved it to pieces. I much prefer it to today's buggies, which I had for the car with dd2 as we no longer live in town. I think they look so much more pleasing to the eye, as well. Mine is in our attic, still in almost perfect condition.

Prufrock, why is it dangerous to have a baby sitting in a c/b pram? I liked mine because it raised them above traffic fumes etc.

prufrock Wed 10-Dec-03 15:53:41

It jsut didn't feel safe suedonim. Even though I put reins on her I was worried that she would be able to launch herself over the side - irrational I know

alibubbles Wed 10-Dec-03 17:01:41

I loved my coaah built silver cross amd DD used to nap in it up to about a year old. DS was born then and I got a really sturdy pram seat and walked everywhere with them. It was so useful to walk around in the evening when DS had chronic colic. I could leave him asleep in it all night!

I sold it to a Grandma who wanted a 'proper pram' for her grandchild, not one of 'them buggy affairs' where they can't lie flat!

Tillysmummy Wed 10-Dec-03 17:23:04

I have one that my mum bought me. She also has one at hers for dd. Dd still sleeps in it when there during the day and she's a very long 2.4 month old. It is getting a bit small now.

suedonim Wed 10-Dec-03 19:53:56

Oh ok, Prufrock, I thought you meant there was a specific reason it was dangerous. I'm the opposite to you; I always worried that someone would fall onto my baby when they were in a low buggy - just goes to show that if there's something to worry about, us mums will find it.

Fot those who like coachbuilt prams, the Classic Prams site has plenty to look at - enjoy!

Angeliz Wed 10-Dec-03 20:30:16

i had a big pram, Emmaljunga(?) i think, i still have it and it came with the seat so when she was big enough i took off the pram and used the seat,(still do sometimes when i need to and she's tired) I't gorgeous and the seat is all padded and huge like an armchair! It's not as practical as the new ones as it doesn't have the turning wheels.(can't remember name!), but i love it and it will be used for any more

popsycal Wed 10-Dec-03 20:35:03

oh my god!!
that webiste...the address is like a 2 minute drive from me!!

coachbuilt Tue 16-Dec-03 10:39:50

any body useing a pram seat on here. just wondering does any body use lambswool on there pram seats at all being there bit cold to sit on in winter 3 year old moaning a bit saying its cold what should i do can you get pram seat covers or can you get pram seats that are cloth material

3XMUMMY Thu 18-Dec-03 18:32:58

i used my silver cross coach pram with three children......great for sleeping in and your'e right -above the traffic fumes too! I have a wee seat that clips on to the top of the pram. THe only problem I found was actually finding a stockist for a sun canopy etc etc

lorne Thu 18-Dec-03 20:01:37

I too had a silver cross pram for my ds. I loved it, I much prefer them to all the modern prams etc. I had a silver cross buggy as well for when he was bigger and we were in town etc.

When I use to walk my ds, older ladies would often say how they loved it compaired to the more modern prams. I always had my ds in home knitting which again the older ladies loved. I don't like seeing a baby in all trendy clothes when they are just small babies. I like to see them as babies.

lulupops78 Fri 06-Sep-13 06:13:43

Can you take coachbuilt prams on trains

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