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Anyone know where I can get a nice fireguard / firescreen ?

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WSM Mon 08-Dec-03 10:50:10

We have a living flame gas fire in our lounge, there is no glass or anything between the flame and (potentially) my 16 month old DD's hands. We have a horrible 3 part firescreen which is flimsy and fairly dated, to be honest, it is neither use nor ornament !

I am looking for an attractive modern, functional fireguard / firescreen at a reasonable price (preferably below £75). I am having little luck on the net, does anyone know where I can buy such a thing from a reputable company online ?


dadslib Mon 08-Dec-03 10:54:38

Message withdrawn

Twinkie Mon 08-Dec-03 10:57:15

Message withdrawn

WSM Mon 08-Dec-03 10:57:23

We had a look at the babydan thing when DD was little and decided that it was just too bulky TBH. Thanks anyway DL

Twinkie Mon 08-Dec-03 10:57:43

Message withdrawn

WSM Mon 08-Dec-03 10:59:24

It doesn't need to be particularly heavy duty as DD seems to be detered by the flimsy effort we have the moment. I think she recognises the fact that the screen is there for a reason, so I don't really need something heavy-duty. I'll have a look at that site Twinkie, thanks.

janh Mon 08-Dec-03 11:02:13

We used to have this - it's not pretty but it does the job.

There used to be a similar thing but more decorative, black with an arched top, havent't seen one recently but you could try DIY stores.

mothernature Mon 08-Dec-03 11:02:58

try this one

janh Mon 08-Dec-03 11:05:00

Or this - we have one similar to the one at the bottom - it's quite heavy and stable.

WSM Mon 08-Dec-03 11:05:14

Hmm, they are a bit chicken coup-y for my tastes. Thanks anyway

janh Mon 08-Dec-03 11:06:09

That's the one I was thinking of, mothernature!

WSM Mon 08-Dec-03 11:07:47

Thanks for that last link Jan. That is the sort of size and shape we would like but something a little plainer and more contemporary.

janh Mon 08-Dec-03 11:11:01

I know what you mean, WSM - the one we have doesn't have all the scrolls - I don't know why they always have to tweak things like that!

Oh - here you go - B & Q!

mothernature Mon 08-Dec-03 11:18:03

wsm try this then

Twinkie Mon 08-Dec-03 11:19:06

Message withdrawn

WSM Mon 08-Dec-03 11:25:28

I wasn't talking about yours Twinkie I meant the big brass cage type ones.

Twinkie Mon 08-Dec-03 11:26:40

Message withdrawn

WSM Mon 08-Dec-03 11:28:16

Tanks for that B&Q link. We've just purchased the plain chrome one.

WSM Mon 08-Dec-03 11:28:58

Sorry, stupid typo alert !!

janh Mon 08-Dec-03 11:33:52

You mean the one at the top labelled "contemporary", WSM?

(Looks like a useful site, I didn't know they did online ordering.)

fairydust Mon 08-Dec-03 13:26:45

argos n argos do some fancy screen and there well priced each £35.00 ish

sorry no good at links

Furball Mon 08-Dec-03 21:44:04

Can I just point out, that there is a difference between a fire SCREEN and a fire GUARD. A SCREEN is to put right infront of the actual flames and is designed to protect your carpet from sparks landing on the carpet and will probably get very hot, whereas A GUARD is designed to keep the whole heath area free and does not get hot, you can also hook it on to the wall to make it more safe and secure. We have just bought a guard from Mothercare . It's black, unlike the Argos one which is copper coloured.

Sexton Tue 27-Jan-04 00:12:03

I had a real problem getting one for a wood burning stove (needs to be deeper). There companies that will make them to measure for £150 upwards!
In the end I found the black arched cage mentioned below in a charity shop for £4. They often turn up in the bigger furniture charity shops (I got mine in Kingston upon Thames). It was enormous - far bigger than our little stove in our houseboat. I was intending to bend it to the right size, but in the end we decided to put the log basket and an electric heater behind it too, and it looks fine.

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