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loose covers for sofas........................................recommendations?

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zippitippitoes Fri 24-Feb-06 11:17:46

I love mys sofas but the original loose covers are 6 years old and starting to show it, I don't really wabt new sofas as these are really comfortable and big enough to sleep on

so are there any affordable ways to get new ones made

I see Plumbs allways thought they were naff but look okonline has anyone had them? How much would thick coton covers be?

zippitippitoes Fri 24-Feb-06 14:58:00

anybody any recommendations?

BettySpaghetti Fri 24-Feb-06 20:13:20

Bumping it for you zippitippitoes

I haven't got a proper answer but I know we looked for some for ages and went for new sofas instead as decent covers were so expensive and rare.

LIZS Fri 24-Feb-06 20:20:44

I had some samples from here and they can fit many well known brands/styles going back a few years. Not cheap though think the ones to fit our suite (10 year old M and S large 2 seater, small 2 seater, armchair and footstool) started at about £850.

SueW Fri 24-Feb-06 20:54:05

We got replacement covers from the manufacturer of our sofas. Ours are Tetrad . Not cheap but definitely worth it as the sofas are now 13 yrs old and going strong. Orig set lasated about 9 yrs

kitegirl Fri 24-Feb-06 20:58:55

just today got a quote for loose covers (3-seater)

£395 for the work, plus 18m of fabric. this is in London mind you.

cheaper to buy a new sofa...

zippitippitoes Fri 24-Feb-06 21:46:46

that's the trouble isn't it

my sofas were probably only about 800 for the two
but I like them and tbh don't want new ones

I feel I ought to be able to make covers myself using the current ones as a pattern

revoltingzebra Sun 26-Feb-06 10:50:55

I got a quote from Plumb of £539 for 2 sets of covers for 2 sofas (1x3 seater, 1x2 seater). I haven't gone for it because another lady came & looked at our sofas, said they were the completely wrong style/fabric type to get covered; the covers would slip and not stay on well. Plumbs saleman was actually initially reluctant to say he could do it, too. The local lady (I just happened to walk by her house one day!) may charge less than Plumbs, I would guess so anyway. Our sofas are wooden frames (exposed wooden arms and legs) and covered with a velour-type material.

We are throwing blankets over the sofas instead for now. Maybe one day I'll get them properly reupolstered if they haven't buckled down and sagging horribley by then.

zippitippitoes Sun 26-Feb-06 11:05:14

thank you for that
ours was originally made with removable covers and is chesterfield style so plumbs might be ok price wise

I wonder if they are good quality..I take it the salesman wasn't pushy if he was dubious about doing it!

egocentriczebra Sun 26-Feb-06 16:22:17

not pushy, I would say. I think that was a special offer price, but worth asking for a quote/what can you do for me, I guess.

Caromay60 Fri 03-Feb-17 13:09:14

Have just read through the old thread about the shock price of new loose covers but I'm determined not to add to land fill and get a new sofa! Have just found an independent working from home person (got the contact number from a fabric shop) who's coming to give a quote so fingers crossed. It's clearly a sought after skill as she is working flat out and has a waiting list of several months - like another person I tried - but hopefully it'll be possible. I agree that if poss we need to pay for workmanship and avoid chucking away functional furniture.

Eezecovers11 Wed 10-Jan-18 08:58:08

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