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V W combi

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Cha Sun 07-Dec-03 17:00:24

A bit of an unorthadox posting perhaps, but tenuously child related, I assure you! Me and dp have hankered after one for ages and are finally going to take the plunge and get one in the new year. It'll mean we can get out of London cheaply any fine weekend and also, on the days we have all dp's kids (there are 5 in total, including my 2) we can all go out in the car.
Was just wondering if anyone knew where and how we could get hold of one? We are SE London based. Have heard that if you get a pre 1972 one, you don't have to pay road tax, though this is not an absolute requirement. We just want one that is safe and reliable and won't blow up like our neighbours' one did! Both dp and I are complete fools when it comes to what lies beneath a car bonnet, so professional advice is something we need to sort out. Any ideas anyone? Or better still, any mumsnetters out there wanting to sell their old VW combi??

janh Sun 07-Dec-03 17:34:41

Cha, I think there is a website for these - I'll have a google and see if I can find it.

janh Sun 07-Dec-03 17:36:28

This is the VW Campers site - is that the same thing?

janh Sun 07-Dec-03 17:38:51

This page has campers for sale - there is a 1972 tax-exempt one down the page for £600!

janh Sun 07-Dec-03 17:42:27

Buyers' Guide

(I'm going now! )

janh Sun 07-Dec-03 17:51:05

Still here! - apparently there is an unofficial VW Camper market in Islington every weekend - details here

The link at the bottom to the VW Camper Centre is wrong - use this instead.

Cha Mon 08-Dec-03 17:17:21

janh - you are an absolute star! I use ask and didn't get very far - obviously the place to go is google... Thanks again for your help, we have a fantastic start thanks to you.

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